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Oh, my, this sounds amazingly fun. Might consider it. We should have that sort of thing here rather than having to sign up for another forum though.

Well, that's kind of just where we usually put all the survivor contests we make. We've had that forum since 2009.

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Wait. So we get to write for OTHER peoples characters as well as our own? O.o

Yep. You'll be writing the other characters as well, but each chapter will be from your own character's point of view. It sounds overwhelming at first, but it's not as hard as it sounds.

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Alright, I think Tara's gotten the new accounts all settled. Apparently, the emails it was supposed to send her for her to verify them were being sent to her spam folder instead of her regular inbox. I checked and I know your account, coolcoyote, is all clear and ready to be used.


Yes. Yes you did ^.^

I still have questions over how this collective story writing works though. On the other hand I really only need to worry about that if I get in 😄

No hurt in telling you anyway 🙂 These contests require a lot of collaboration between the ten writers involved, so they're is a hidden board that only these writers and myself have access too where they'll be able to post the NPCs they've created, put character backstories and descriptions so everyone knows more about the characters they will have to write, communicate with those who weren't on skype one evening, and keep clear lists of ideas. There's also a sub forum within this board dedicated to preposts. Ideally you'll place these rough versions of your chapters about a day or two before you actually post them for the audience to read, giving your fellow authors time to put in their input as well.

Basically though, once all the planning is all straightened out, it basically resorts to a round robin story. Each contestant will write about 1-2 posts a week, pushing forward the plot while writing the other characters and interacting with them, developing your own character as a result. And of course, at the end of each week, someone will be voted out of the competition, and they will write a "death post", as they're called, for their character, either killing them off as is the traditional way, or another method if that's not practical.

If you've got any more questions or if you think I'm not being clear enough (first time admin for one of these things, so I'm pretty nervous I'm not providing clear enough information), then feel free to ask. I'll certainly be glad to answer any and all questions you've got.


Count me in on this.

I'll develop an application sometime over the weekend, if all goes well.

Awesome, glad to see you on board 🙂 Feel free to make an account on the boards and comment or send me a PM if you've got any questions.

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I'll gladly answer them here, seeing as you're account hasn't been cleared. This tends to usually happen a lot whenever a new contest gets opened, but I'll talk to Tara about it in the morning to see if she can help speed along some of the new requests.

Having never done one of these things before how exactly does it work. I understand that players send in an application. Then those who get in have to come up with intro duction posts? Or are the applications the introduction posts?

The applications usually act as your character's introduction. In it you'll basically sum up what they're all about, but in a story format. It's a scene starring them really. Here's a few examples of some of the successful ones from Redventure 6 a few years ago:

Basically immediately after that, whoever makes it into the top 10, will immediately be dropped into the story from where it leaves off after the prologue, and will start collaborating with one another to make a good story.

Do the players ever interact with each other as one does a normal rp? Or does each character wonder about on their own?

Character interaction is one of the main goals of the contest, so you'll constantly be walking around with the other characters in the contest, pushing the plot forward, and interacting with them and developing your character around them. In fact, wandering around on your own is almost a death sentence and is usually frowned up. But, sometimes you have no idea where these developments will go. I wrote a comedic character named Cecil in a contest way back when, who ended up becoming very angsty and depressing due to the death of his lover. If you'd like some examples, while you wait for your account to be approved, you could read some of Redventure 6 after reading those apps I posted above. It's a pretty solid read and has some nice examples of character interaction and how the contests work. Just remember, the chapters are posted in reverse order, so the first chapter of every week is actually at the bottom and not the top.

Did I answer everything okay?

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Awesome, glad to see someone interested 🙂

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Sorry if I put this advertisement in the wrong thread, I didn't see a Shameless Plugs section or anything of the like and thought that it would be okay to post this here, especially seeing how active and filled with skilled writers this site is. I hope some of you are interested and would like to try your hand at it.

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The sands are stained with blood and the water runs red. Piracy is officially dead, slain along with the legendary King of all Pirates: Captain Blade by the paws of the Badgerlord Atlas Stormstripe, and the Rogue Crew. The seas are finally calm, and, for once, progress has begun to push through Mossflower Country and the surrounding lands as trade has finally become possible. No longer do beasts pay with kindness but instead with coins, and villages and ports have begun to spring up all along the coasts, as if overnight, in the ever-expanding search for adventure, wealth, and opportunity.

But there are whispers in the wind, rumors that on an uncharted island across the sea, Captain Blade left behind a treasure the likes of which nobeast has ever seen, one that could make a beast richer than even in their wildest dreams. But the island is not uninhabited, and even the toughest of sailors have either not returned or have come home empty-pawed; their eyes filled with fear as they recite tales of bloodthirsty savages, giant serpents, and a mysterious spectral ship that appears from the mist on the darkest of nights.

But that is not enough to scare away everybeast, and ten brave beasts shall soon face the true dangers the island has to offer in their quest for riches. Who will live? Who will die? But most importantly, who will be the first to claim the Lost Treasure of Captain Blade?

Mossflower Odyssey III: The Lost Treasure of Captain Blade is the latest Redwall Survivor Contest. You can access the Redwall Survivor Boards here:

What is a Redwall Survivor Contest?

A Redwall Survivor Contest is basically a collaborative story set in the Redwall universe in which ten different writers will each write a character of their own creation, all interacting with one another and pushing the plot forward until its inevitable ending. But this is a contest, so there is some competition to it. Every week, after the contestants have all finished putting up their respective posts and chapters, the audience will then vote for their LEAST favorite character of the group, and whichever character receives the most votes, they must then off themselves from the story, whether it be through the traditional method of killing themselves off or some other method if that's not currently realistic with what's happening in the story.

This keeps going every week until we reach a Top 3. Then, after a final week, the audience will vote one last time, but this time for who their MOST favorite character is and who they believe should win the contest. Then the top 3 will finish the story together and congratulate themselves on a job well done.

If you would like to apply, you can read the rules here:

Applications are due May 29 at 11:59 PM