You wanna know what I think we are missing. I think it would bring everyone together if we were to host a feast and have some fun who's with me.

That would be cool… I will personally donate two large North Coast puddings to the feast... After I make Skor help me make them...

Who else wants to do this?

Sounds fun! I'm a weasel corsair captain, I will likely disgust anybody watching me eat.


LOL! Yikes, you may want to be careful around my Badgermum!

I bet Jen could whip up some sushi and weird everyone out. ^^

Now all we need to do is think of a name to call this Fest.

Spring of the Newcomers Feast?  😛


I ought to at least figure out what goes in a Great North Coast pudding…

That might be helpful to know. 🙂

Okay - here goes:

Layer in serving bowls:
Vanilla pudding
Coarsely chopped nuts
dried fruits

Make several layers, then sprinkle North Coast Aromant over the top (Aromant tastes like cinnamon.) (Yes I just made that up)

(Haha, I dunno how I'd do this… do I just start cooking?)

I think Iamthatis wanted to do an RP - I think we ought to start one soon….

Edit: I was thinking we'd do something like the Redwall Cookbook, covering the food being made and also eaten. But I don't know what other people were thinking?

OOC:: Sounds good! I wonder how a corsair captain would get into Redwall…. I don't think they'd let me in xD.... should we just ignore that and pretend that I am in the abbey as well?

(By the way, my character is not smart. He may have to get.... "whacked around" by the sterner abbey beasts xD)

A RP. I never of that thanks for the idea Rose.

It would be fun, as I am new here…. I've never been in a Rp here before

Neither… Zemmerug, if you went to the feast, would you not just be asking and asking for grog?

That seems like a pretty acurate description of what I'd do, Deekra.

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