If you could be any animal in the world. What would you be and why?

For me I would be a Wolf. I have always felt very close to the Wolves in the world. I guess its because I have Cherokee blood in me.

I'd have to say wolf too.  Nothing to do with heritage, but I've just always found them so fascinating.  My first ever school book report was on White Fang.  There's something spiritual about them, I feel.  Similar to how I feel about horses.  Beyond that, they are just awesome.  The pack survives and the lone wolf perishes.  I think that reflects a lot with human society and outcasts.  They speak to us just by their existence.

I'm blabbing now, and I don't know if any of that really made sense.  Just my feelings.

I couldn't have send it better if I tried.

I would be a cat, I think. Or maybe a dolphin. Or a dragon. Or a horse. Maybe a sheep.

I knew you would say that…  🙂

I'd probably have to say a fox. Just so majestic and clever.

Raccoon so I still have opposing thumbs to open soda's.  😉


So I can make all the boy moose go "WAAAAH"

First choice, wolverine.  I wouldn't mind being a timber wolf either.

European Badger! 😉 They are so cool!

Horse or a hamster. Hahah

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