going to work with shadow flame over the story arc! 🙂

Update …

  • Gonff has taken the Badger lord position

  • Pen has taken the King of Floret position

  • Pen is giving up the Bell-ringer position

  • Gerns has taken the Greeter position, alongside his Horde leader position

  • Tehrag has taken the Sparra Leader position and will work on the character profile.

* Remember to take a position, you are responsible for logging in for a check in at least 1-2 times a week, to make sure you are doing your duties as well as checking to see if your character of position is required in an RP thread.

  • TJ will work with Shadow Flame to get the story-arc back on track

I could be the Orchard Keeper I used to live on a farm.

Only if you promise to remain active!

Of course. But I won't be on everyday and all day.

as long as its at least 1-2 times a week at minimum

awesome! Now all you gotz to do is make a character for the position  😛

I will do that where do I go.

You post character profiles >>here<<, in the character profile section of the Library board.

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