Wandering Soul Far From Home (Ana, Braelyan, Shadow Flame)

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"Pleasure to meet you, Oliver," the squirrelmaid replied with a courteous bow, giving the squirrel a polite smile. He and Brae seemed to be friends, and Lina was happy to see one of her own friends in such a positive situation. "Yes, Brae and I have known each other for a while," she continued, "although admittedly a wayward soul can never stay in one place for long. It seems Brae caught the bug!"

Lina's eyes resumed scanning the gatehouse, and soon they fell upon someone she hadn't noticed before. A mouse, who seemed to be slightly perturbed as to their presence. He was undoubtedly, given his languid approach, enjoying the rain and quiet before the trio of talkative beasts had barged in, uninvited. Nervously the ranger cleared her throat; an attempt to attract the attention of Brae.

"Who's your other mate?" she asked Brae, waggling her eyebrows as her head bobbed in the direction of the mouse. Not deigning to wait for an answer, Lina made to approach Lipton, her best, most genuine smile dancing upon hep lips. She knew it was highly probable she appeared rude to the mouse, having not taken note of his presence beforehand, but it was an honest mistake. She didn't have an excuse.

"'tis a pleasure to meet you as well," she said to Lipton. "My name is Lina. Lina Eagleye."

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The brush-tail swayed to a stop right in front of him. Lipton could smell the wetness from her cloak and the energy waiting to spring from her, like it was bottled up tight. That energy danced in her eyes and in the way she thrust her paw forward in greeting.
    Her paw hung in the air for a few brief moments whilst he eyed her. Her cloak had also extended and drops formed on the end. Down they dripped, the time passing frustratingly slow. And they splashed obscenely onto the open page.
    Lipton again raised his gaze and pulled his book back, protective of any further abuse. "a-Hem, well, nicely met, me lass." He ever-so slightly shook her paw with the grip of a beast holding old socks and retreated slightly into his parchment. "Just don't trip on my cane." And he gestured toward a crutch leaning against a desk.
    No rudeness was intended. But new faces made him nervous. Partially, he wished for her to move along and find somebeast else to bother. But as luck would have it, his wish wasn't heard.

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Oliver stood up straight as Brae said his name, introducing the squirrel warrior to the squirrel maid. "Old mates you say?" He looked over to Lina, a small smile crossing his face. "E-'ello there, Lina. I'm O-Oliver, Oliver Swiftstream." He managed to stammer out before regaining some of his composure. "I 'elp out in the kitchens an' teach the in'abitants of this Abbey self-defense. Awfully sorry fore 'ow I'm presented, I kind of just got back from a long Adventure a few days ago.." In his mind he felt excited, he managed to talk better this time around compared to other times.

He took a deep breath and relaxed himself a bit, hoping he would not fall over or anything of that nature due to his exhausted state. He was just happy to be out of the infirmary and outside, even if it was raining. It always cheered him up to see new faces as well. "It's a pleasure to meet ya too.." he said. He turned over, noticing Lipton. Oh no, another one to catch me out of bed when I shouldn't be. I 'ope 'e doesn't say anythin'..

"'Ello Lipton!" Oliver said with some renewed energy. "I 'ope none of us disturbed you too much now.."

Okay, so maybe somebeast could argue that Brae could be unintentionally rude. He had been so excited about seeing Lina again that he hadn't noticed old Lipton. "Oh, sorry," Brae said, grinning sheepishly. "This's Lipton, Lina."

As he watched his friend and the old mouse, Brae thought over their conversation thus far. Caught the bug, indeed. But Redwall… he couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Traveling, perhaps, perhaps visiting some other places, but living? No. Redwall was his home now, and he would always return. After all, he had friends like Oliver and even Lipton here.

And, thinking of Oliver, Braelyan turned his gaze on the squirrel. He had long ago noticed that his friend got a little nervous around pretty maids, but Oliver seemed to be doing quite well with Lina. Brae was proud of him... though it was always amusing to see the big warrior squirrel stumble over his words around a pretty face.

The ranger felt a sluggish wave of disappointment wash over her. It seemed to her that the mouse, Lipton, wasn't quite fond of her presence. Whether it was because of her unintended rudeness earlier, or another reason entirely, she didn't know. She hoped that in time he might come to trust her, but she likely wouldn't be here long anyway. A week at the most, and then she would be back on the road like she always was.

Unable to voice a response to Lipton, Lina could only give him a meek nod. Her bright smile had diminished, reduced to a half-hearted grin. Quickly she tried to compose herself, not keen on allowing her emotions to show through on the surface for too long. She hoped the other people of Redwall were more receptive of her arrival than Lipton seemed to be. If they weren't, it seemed she would be leaving sooner than she had anticipated. As dear as Brae was to her, she didn't want to be surrounded by beasts who were leery about her presence.

"No need t' apologize, Oliver," Lina responded to the squirrel, her lovely smile back to full strength. "M'best wishes to a hasty recovery." She too had taken note of the timidness that he seemed to be consumed with. To her, the gesture was cute and adorable. She looked forward to getting to know Oliver better in her stay here before she left. The squirrel also seemed to be wary about something, particularly pertaining to Lipton. Then again, he was injured… he probably wasn't supposed to be out of bed just yet.

Opting to remain quiet, Lina waited for someone else to start a discussion or redirect them somewhere else. She felt as if she and the others were intruding on Lipton's privacy and space, but she didn't know where else to go. She was a stranger here.

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IC- The Matthias Bell boomed quite suddenly and startled the four creatures. Perfect timing. He snapped his book shut and smoothly shoved it into his satchel dangling from his chair. "Sorry to leave such 'n… Enthralling... conversation, but I'm afraid food calls." He stood and took a few hops over to the crutch leaning slightly against the Recorder's Desk. The blighter probably wouldn't mind anyway. Creigon usually slept in until high noon.
      With his own cloak about him, he hobbled over to the door and opened it to the smell of both rain and breakfast. Indeed, a pleasant combo. Lipton tilted his head back slightly and bid farewell. "Close the windows when you are done." And began treading awkwardly across the great lawn. While he half-sorely wished to be alone, he found himself in company, once again.

He smiled back, feeling good about her upbeat responses. "Thank you! I shouldn't be all wrapped up like this fore long. I'll be right as rain by the end of the week."

Oliver looked over to Lipton, noticing the sounds of Matthias and Methuselah bells as well, which were signalling for lunch time. "Yes, yore right Brother Lipton, it is time fore chow. I guess we shall see you later then.." The large squirrel said, watching as his elder trudged off.

"Well you two, I guess we should go eat lunch before everyone else devours it all." Oliver walked his way towards the doorway, watching the rain slow up only slightly. He made his way out the door, using the wall to help him stay upright. "Brae, if you could lead the way please." He said, showing signs of hunger, and excitement in his body language.

Braelyan perked up at the mere mention of food. He'd forgotten how close it was to lunch time… probably due to his lengthy time sitting beside the pond. Yeah, that was probably it. "Of course!" he said brightly, though he cast a worried eye over his friend. He was leaning a bit heavily on that there wall, after all.

"Ye need some 'elp there, mate?" he asked, hesitating instead of taking the lead. "I can't carry ye on my back, but I can offer a shoulder to lean on."

Had Lina not been there, Brae was sure the offer would have been taken up on instantly, but he also knew that the fact that the squirrelmaid was indeed there might change Oliver's answer. There was no shame in accepting help, but it wouldn't help if Oliver was trying to impress Lina.

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