Continuing the Story Arc! –-READ---

I will defiantly join this thread with one or both of my characters,  I'm just not sure how to put them in.

Traditionally, the Redwall stories had two sets of antagonists; one smaller group of vermin to harrass in minor ways and shift the story bit by bit, and provide comic relief; one larger group that acts as a legitimate threat to Redwall.

So in this case, I'm guessing the Juska are the bigger threat, and Saula is the minor one.

Ah, I was thinking in terms of bands of vermin, rather than the villains. Saula will start out as a good or neutral guy, and then become corrupt. At that point, I would suggest that members of the smaller band could be absorbed by the Juska. Gives the reader a sort of "inside the Juska clan" view of what's really happening. Also, characters who change (and characters who experience multiple climes of life) and more interesting. I would be fascinated to see Gerns' charas get sucked into different factions of the Juska.

I'm pretty sure Gern's Hellebore isn't getting sucked into anything any time soon, lol. In any case, Jygg and Gulfang are staying outta this fight, but I'm probably gonna make a one-shot Juska for this plot.

Oh! lol. I didn't realize that Gerns had started a new horde. Yeah, that's looks a bit larger than before.
I was reffering to the small band of vermin that was introduced earlier in the story.

I have no clue what this story arc even is. When did this start?

simple answer … while you were away. lol

I kind of want to participate.

you might want to read this then.

and you'll be participating anyway, Abbot. 😛

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