Wow… Seth just BURST out of the gates... Let's hope we get some new activity in here soon... So that ahem OTHER folks can get a chance. >_>

And I also nominate CQ, lol.

i nomitanate


Thanks for nominating me, Seth! hugs

I nominate:

Queen Kiara, Shadow Flame, and Belisarius.

Thank you for nominating me!!!! hugs Super excited

Lol, so much for Post nominations…

I nominate RL... What a return!

Patience young Padawan. There is much to do yet…

CQ, I know you're an Admin now, but please don't mess with your post-count, lol.

Lol,  😉 Was wondering how long it took you to notice. I'll change it back…

If you find it that amusing, watch what happens when you change the count to 100000000

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