What's your favorite Redwall species?

wolverines, foxes, and snakes.

Foxes, foxes, and more foxes. Look at my character profiles and that's all you'll see.


not voles
everything else is cools

Badgers, Great rats, Wolverines, stuff like that.

Otters, squirrels and pine martins.

Foxes, any of the mustelids, rats, snakes, crows and the like…

Geez, do I only like species that get made the bad guys?

Oh, wait, not quite, eagles and the one beaver... wish there were more beavers...

once there was a dog
and humans
and a horse

I'd say the mice from the early books, characters like Gonff and Martin (my first and second favourite characters, respectively), Matthias, Mattimeo etc. As a whole though I'd go with the moles, shrews or foxes.

I like squirrels…and otters.

I have to say Squirrels, Badgers, and Mice

beavers and moose  😛

Haha. I am in a squirrel kick right now.




Shorks - Shovel+Pitchfork

Someone needs to invent those!

Otters… Mice... Sparra... Moles... Badgers... Shrews... Squirrels... Pretty much all the goodbeasts.

Don't care so much for voles, the voles in Redwall aren't like the ones I've had. And I've had a LOT. Try thirty+. 🙂

WOW … that is a lot of voles!

um, yeah. I have six cats. They like to bring me presents. Most of them alive. Thank goodness I'm not scared of mice. Or snakes, fish, frogs, spiders, bees, bats, birds, moths… I've had at least one of all the above listed creatures caught by my cats. Not that much bothers me, actually.

I have talented kitties.

That you do. LOL

I only have a dog.

One of the kittens, Arwen, caught herself a ruffed grouse for Thanksgiving dinner. It was as big as her.

I've enjoyed characters of many different species, so I'm not sure by what criteria I'd call a species my favourite. I'm drawn to the Wildcats a lot because there were interesting things going on in their backstory that the books hinted at, but never expanded on. I like Pine Martens, they are rare and have high status when they do appear, making me curious about what their story is. I'll say Wildcats and Pine Martens are my favourites.

In addition though, I do like quite a few ferrets, stoats, weasels, foxes, and rats in no particular order, because occasionally a character comes out of that group that is a lot of fun to read. For example; Flinky the stoat for his enjoyable dialogue and songs, Splitnose the stoat and Blacktooth the ferret for their silly discussions about food, Plugg Firetail the fox and Grubbage the rat for the latter's deafness to the former's commands, Sneezewort and Lousewort the rats for being themselves, and so on.

I find a lot of Redwall species to be 'cute' in general, excepting reptiles and amphibians who are usually shown as fearsome.

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