It has been brought to my attention that we do not have a name for our current season.  😮
How embarrassing  :*).

So… Here we will start with a list of suggestions as to what the name for this spring should be officially.

I'd like to nominate: Spring of Lateness

Because that's what it is... Late.  :*)

chuckles I think we should be pro-active and call it summer already. ^__^

hrms How about the "Summer of Portentous Thresholds"?

Yay. Season naming. ^__^
I agree. Not much summer left if you ask me. 🙂

Leaves to go find out what 'portentous' means

My two cents: Summer of Slumber
Get it? 😄

Portentous: ominous, foreboding…

summer of the sqirrels

So I'm guessing we're suggesting summer names now? If so, how about "Summer of New Beginnings" as it is, indeed, a summer of new beginnings, what with this nifty new site and all. If we're not giving summer names…then allow me to get back to you.

I just hit on a perplexing thing, but… How are we going to decide when to change seasons and what-not?  Should we do it based on the needs of plot and reason, or should we keep it up with real life?

The sooner allows for better gaming, I should think, but we may end up with a fall season that lasts six months.  The latter would keep seasons from being different lengths of time, but would mean that some seasons have insane amounts of events (perhaps to the point of being unrealistic) while others are barren in terms of action and posting.

Maybe the plot shouldn't have to be based on what season it is? I'd say that is was just a season name for the site and what not. I doesn't seem necessary to keep it to the plot.
Or is it…
Yes... That is very perplexing.
Yes Orion, we are suggesting Summer Names.

Summer of Redwalls Legacy

I had an idea, but it's a little impractical and too complex. Instead, why don't we go with either RL's idea or just keep it one season (summer) until we can think of a better way of doing it.

ok summer or the summer! I LOVE IT

(this doesn't work on the forum though so wouldn't matter anyway)

Should we go for Fall Naming now? Huh?

How about:

Fall of Opportunity (That's what this site has)
Fall of Possibilites


Fall of Lethargy


Fall of Leaves
Fall of Lazy Writer (me)
Fall of Hardship (becasue of school etc.)
Fall of Feast!

Should we tie it to the story line some?

Sure! The question is, what part of the storyline should we tie it to?…Hows abouts -- the "Season of the Abnormally-Long Name Wherein Many Battles Are Fought, Many Beasts Die, and Legends Are Made: a Season Otherwise Known as Autumn"

how 'bout
Fall of Bloodshed
Fall of War
Fall of Tricks
Fall of Treats(lol)

Fall of Many Visitors

Cause that's what Sally's about to get. And Redwall's got one too!

Fall of Salamandastron would be nice too. 😛

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