Full name: Arrow Quickshaft

Occupation: Wonderer for right now, becomes a Redwall Warrior

Moral Alignment: Good

Species: Ferret

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Height: 4'7" ft.

Description: Arrow is a creamish color of ferrets. On his forehead is a black mark that looks like a small arrowhead. His eyes are blue. He wears a blue vest with a red sash and to cover his arrow mark, he wears a small blue hat that goes to his eyes

Possessions: An ash bow and arrows, a small bag for food, and a small dagger just in case he runs out of arrows.

Good Bowmaster
Good with his dagger
Good at finding food

Hopelessy gets lost all the time
has a fear of birds
also has a fear of pikes
Kind of screamish around killing

Background: Arrow isn't like the his fellow foebeasts. He was born with the black arrowhead mark so his parents trained him to become a master bowsmaster, but the arrow mark wasn't the thing that made him different. The truth was, he hated killing others. After being berated by the chief that he once followed for not following orders, he got up and left that night under cover of night. Travelling north, he hopes to find a life of peace. Not only that, he stopped and helped any creature that was being attacked by other clans.