And then there were GOPHERS!!!

I, the janitor at this fine establishment (But a wizard at cleaning toilets nonetheless) overhear their conversations, since I had been politely stalking them since upon their entering of this place. I walk up to the group and offer them an enchanted mop, myself not having any magical talents.

The kindly janitor, War-Plumber, offers the group a gift as a sign of good will. His gift is the MOP OF CLEANSING. This unconventional yet enchanted weapon deals +10 extra damage to all unwashed enemies such as ROUSes, peasants, and swamp monsters. Who shall recieve this generous boon?

I humbly do not accept it because i can make my own mop that's cool and hip and awesomesauce

I take the mop, cause, why not? I place it in my inventory for later use.

Dusk has acquired the MOP OF CLEANSING.

I silently curse myself for missing the opportunity to get the MOP OF CLEANSING and begin heading down the stairs to the Archmage's chamber.

I walk towards the Astronomers tower, waving a hand impatiently at the fashion mage to follow me.

I go with Reverrek to the Archmage's chamber.

I dance after Dusk, finger in the air! Stylish!

I leave the group and return to my toilets. Cleanliness is wizardness!

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