The Dimensions of Eselbrador

Everyone choose one and in a few days we'll pretty much just smash all the answers together and see what we get… or we could average them, depending on how boring you want to be.

I think we ought to pair them off two-by-two and have them fight to the death for our amusement.

Excellent idea! Though we may have to give Vatican City a partner or something.

…canada....just cuz 😛

Why isn't Jupiter on this thing?

Just a heads up: To whomever voted for Vatican City Smacks them over the head

I have voted, but as with all the other polls I have participated in, I am not telling what I have voted on!  😛 narrows eyes, and starts looking around suspiciously

I'm just kidding.

What the heck is wrong with voting for Vatican City? I've always wanted to go there. There's so much history and sights to see.

Yes, I agree with you heartily on that, but less than half a kilometer squared of land does not a kingdom make.

there's nothing wrong with Vatican City, Jared. But we're voting on what size to have Eselbrador. The country's are listed with their size for a comparison. Vatican City being the smallest.

I know that, so should I change my vote if that were possible? Do you want me to vote for something bigger?

That isn't necessary Jared, you have every right to your vote, I just fealt like it was kinda silly is all.

You don't have to change it. If you want the size of Eselbrador to be .44 km then it can stay.
the vote has nothing to do with the country itself, it's just there for comparison incase someones like "how big is .44 km? Oh, about the size of Vatican City"

I realize it's a small area, Vatican City, but I didn't know I was doing something stupid when I was voting for it. LOL. Well, I guess I'll stick with it, then.  😛

But still, I have this dream of visiting it someday.  😛 If Eselbrador shouldn't be that small, then that actually is a good idea, because that would be way too small. 😄

I have voted. I hope Eselbrador will be the size of Mother Russia. 😎 Also, what's with the Planet Earth and Vatican City Scales? ???

I figure Spain would be a good peak-size for a kingdom, honestly.  It's plenty large, can support a whole armada, and even a few hundred thousand troops if all the lords pitch in.

All right… has everyone voted y'think?

if it is, we have a 3 way tie.
and if my calculations are right, the average between the three of them is
making it a bit smaller than Canada

I was actually thinking we should take the average of all the votes, not just the top ones, that way we get a good, middle-of-the-road sort of kingdom size.

re-calculating …
4,571,370 . 92

making it closer to India than to Canada

Pats Kiara on the back Don't worry milady. I'm sure we can make something Canada sized.  😄 lol.

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