Does anyone have any large-scale stories goin' on? Y'know, stuff where lots of characters could get involved? Any sieges? Any champions chosen by Martin? Any cool shtuff in essence? lol, If not, maybe we could put some ideas together.

I lovez big ol' major plotlines. lol XD

Yep. Cyber (Lady Muramin) is responsible for our first story arc here at RL. For more info, talk to him. He's got some serious plans it looks like. ^-^

nods Snag is right, I was given permission to handle the first major arc, and it's still well in its infancy. ^__^

Sorry Cybe, I'm getting there. looks at floor guiltily

chuckles Don't feel bad; I'd be suprised if we were done with anything super-major in a few weeks… ^__^

I don't but if I se one I shall tell you

Eventually it might be a good idea to publicly announce the arc so people can decide whether to join and what sides they want to take if any. Also so they can work it into their own RP however they see fit,  just my two two cents.

I think someone should kickstart the arc at the abbey too. I realize the major one is at Sala, but the majority of characters are roleplayed at the Abbey.

Yes well seth has some attack on the battlements right now so perhaps that should be worked into the plot of the abbey? If not im sure some nameless vermin horde could suffice…..

Oh, so I guess its good that I created a Redwall Abbey character?

I've shot Seth and TJ a private message with what would be good to get further along the story line, esp. the abbey side. nodnod  Just waiting on their replies for now.

One reply down, one to go. ^__^

Not anymore.

Anyways, the battlements topic is deffinately invovled. Just letting people know in case they didn't already.

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