In case you have that overwhelming urge

Here is where you can blow stuff up, have your mouse do magic and other Non-Traditional RPGing.
All the normal RPGing rules apply here except the ones that say "nothing unusual in Redwall." This doesn't mean you can start a bunch of "Harry Potter" RPG's though. (That would have to go in "Off-Topic"  ;)"
Rules on suggestive content, pornography, auto-playing, god-moding, and swearing all apply here.
Please keep in mind that any RPGing done in here has nothing to do with current events in Redwall, and will not carry over to anything in Redwall. Because of this though, you may break many of those conventional rules like, "There can't be two people saying they're Badger Lord.", "You can't attack Redwall Without Permission." "You can't play as Abbot unless you ARE the abbot." And others.

Have fun!  😄

LOL. This is a great idea. 😉

Quarrel pulls out an UZI and starts fireing on screaming Redwallers. "Bwahhh-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!!!!!!!"

-ooc-yes, this is still me.

Very funny Seth. LOL. ^-^

Gah! Child murderer in the works! He's using GUNS! Oh noez! no longer able to keep straight face

"Hey guys, who's up for a game of Russian Roullette?"  Pulls out a Semi-Automatic.

I'm game, so long as you go first, Seth. :3

😄 No thanx. I like what's left of my rotted out brains. &)

They'd have to be rotted to consider playing it. LOL

all ready left a mark on it

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