Since this forum is based off of feedback by the users, I'd like to know.
Should we use different smilies?
I personally hate the ones that we have, and know of many really good sets of smilies that can be used.

Chuckles Sounds like you feel pretty strongly about that.
I'll see what I can cook up!

There's a wide variety out there, Force knows… Maybe we should find some way to put up a list of them with a poll?

EDIT: Perhaps, too, we could put multiple sets in?

Yes. Multiple sets is an option, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to have a bunch of different kinds of smilies permeating the area.
5 styles of smilies can get a little over whelming.

Yes. We need new smilies. These have a really ugly black line surrounding them. It would be good if they were just a little bit bigger too. 😉

😄 ya good!!!!!
😞 sad becasue I have to go to school
😛 I'm happy

Here is what I'm going to do.
Everyone go here:
and create some smileies. We can then vote on the best looking ones and add them to the forum.
Have lots of fun!

In the mean time, the smiley set we'll use is this one:

All of the old smilies have now been replaced. I'll start adding new ones now. 🙂
Any extras that people want to add are welcome.

I love them!
This is great now. 🙂

😞 I liked the others better. These look wierd  😉 They're confusing, &} but fun. :wubs:

Ahh. The invisionfree smilies…Is that legal?

These are the same smilies that you see everywhere.
The ninja kinda gives it away. I'm pretty sure that these smilies are free for forum use only.

LOL. The smilies are 100% legal for all forum uses. The only law that I am aware of that we might be breaking, if the forum's purpose itself.
Apparently it is microscopically illegal to have a forum like this because Redwall is Copyrighted.
BJ has personally visited some forum though. I'm positive that he doesn't mind. 😉

RL You should put on the bottom of the site or somewhere and say this

Everything is Brian Jacques creation. All things related to Redwall is Brian Jacques creation

I dunno…
I think it'll be okay, but it might be good to do that. I don't think that it will do anything though anyway…

That's a good idea Tessa. It's better to be safe now, than sorry later.

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