ANNOUNCEMENT: Site Update and Added Features…

On the same subject, PMed you RL.

O hai RL, long time no see! 😄

I definitely like this update, I have a suggestion though.

Could you add on youtube tags please? So we can directly embed youtube videos into topics.

Hey you know what would be cool???  A wintry theme 🙂

nooo please no moar snow ;.;

Aww not real snow Shadey -hugs-

Is there any way that the page refreshes (or the just ShoutBox refreshes) when you post a comment in the ShoutBox, instead of it taking you back to the forum index ??

RL's altering the Dino Light theme to look like parchment and he has just about finished, so that'll be up soon. 🙂
    Also, I'll get to work on the smilies and stars, then see if he can give me access to the new folders and upload them.

Sweet, then we'll have our bunny back! XDDD

No! Not tha bunnyz! JK, bunnies are cool! 😉

Darn right. The bunnies are an undeniable trademark that absolutely must be revived!

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