I don't think there is a spell checker right now, but there used to be. I use the spellchecker that is built in to Firefox.

Chrome is faster and has a built-in spell checker. You could use that, maybe?

Hey Denya I'll have my chara be the other Assassins in the Ring

We may need someone else to fill in for Temp's position… unless she's still willing to join the RP

I'm still willing, I just haven't had any brainstorms yet.  But if it's such a problem then somebody else can have my spot, since I seem to be holding things up.

I actually loved the job you did when "winging it" Temp. When I read your last post I though "Whoa! It looks like she hunted down her muse and found it again." XD
    You could try another wing-job in Assassin's Creed, perhaps? Your muse, after all, could simply be hiding behind mechanics and plot. If that's the case, you could just strip that away and let your charas run wild. shrug

It might help if ya don't revise while ya write 😛 just write out a skeletal draft without putting too much thought into it, leave it alone for half a day, then come back to it and smooth out the creases, and add in anything that it appears to be lacking.

Lol Kyr you should know me by now, I never revise anything until after the fact XD

I'll try to whip up something later tonight, it might be pretty short though.

That's perfectly alright Temp. Just as long as there is something at all it's ok if it's short.

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