Act 1: The Fall of Salamandastron:
Compact of Three Dunes
In the Dead of Night

Act 2: Redwall Abbey:
Back on the Wall
A Secret Meeting
A Journey

Misc Connected (Maybe Not Yet Obviously):
Valmorg - Castle Marl

These are only the ones that are 'obviously' (see: openly) connected right now.  Further, I'm trying to keep these in chronological order. If I've missed any or made a mistake in order, then please just let me know. Finally, I've also copied this information to the first post, so you don't have to go hunting for it. ^__^

Thanks for that Muramin… er... Cyber.
    BTW: I'm giving you the position of "Current story arc Manager" so that people know who to turn too. K?
    I'll change it when someone else becomes the new manager when and if this arc is completes its full course.

Oh, by-the-way. The topic: "Valmorg" is very much involved in the story arc. I think that you forgot that one. wink

Hmm, Okay, thanks, Cyber.

Is Cyber a girl or a boy, by the way?

Girl… Lady... um...

Hm, ah, I see. Okay, now I know.

Seth, as I understand it, Valmorg was not 'yet' visibly linked, but… I'll edit and add it.

Also, as noted under the comments under my profile, I am male.  There's even a photo of me on my FA site (which doesn't show adult if you're not logged in for the record).

Um… You've said in the past that you were female I thought... Oh well, Sorry 'bout that. embaressed smile

Sorry, Cyber, I just thought you were a female because your username was Lady Muramin al-Wyuli.

Oh, and Salamandastron is falling? Oooh, I must see this. clicks on Vermin and In the Dead of Night

That whole thing actually started with "Vermin" then it went to "Compact of Three Dunes" and then to "Vermin in the dead of night".

Quite incorrect, Seth.  'Compact' was prior to 'Vermin'. Double-check Snagtooth's reaction to me, compared with both of our reactions to your character.

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