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Embis saw the figure dart away,  "Looks like it got away," He whispered to Frendel, "We should get back to the main group…" then he saw the second silhouette and signaled to Merander.  Pointing in the objects direction.

-ooc- An old mouse and two otters vs. lizard, huh? This aught to be interesting…

-bic- Merandar gave him a curt nod and readied himself for the jump. Flexing his leg muscles he waited for the others to tell him that they were ready.

Retrieving his spear, Frendel readied himself.

Embis dropped his hand, simaltamiously jumping towards the outline of Jong-Jor.

Merandar did the same, holding his sword in front of him defensively in case Jong-jor should have a sword as well.

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Ensis was just apon the odd beast and about to cut down, when…

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