General Statistics
Full Name: The Death of Rats
Aliases: Mort, Death, The Reaper
Species: Rat
Age: Indeterminate
Sex: Male

Physical Statistics
Height: m
Weight: kg
Fur Color: Black
Eye Color: Azure

Scythe sharpened such that it once cut through a breeze and left two very confused zephyrs
A garish collection of bones tied to his extremities to give a skeletal appearance
A black, hooded robe

Biographical Teaser
A shadow stalks across Mossflower Woods and all the surrounding lands.  A beast calling itself The Reaper, among other things, roams the land.  With a scythe so sharp that no armor can stand against it, he ushers the souls of those whose time is due into the Dark Forest.  Neither lock nor door can bar his way against that which claims all in the end.

OOC Notes
This character is pivotal for a potential story arc, and the blank information is to reflect as much.  I don’t want to give any undue spoilers for those whom want suspense.  As the story progresses (assuming it’s approved), then I will add in more details from my master biography.

Looks good. I like the description too!

Is this your first redwall forum or something ? cause it looks like you are mighty experienced. don't think I have a better idea for a tread.  😮

This is not my first experience with Redwall role-play; I've been playing in general for about ten years, now.

Ten years! Wow I've been role playing for 3 and a half. 😛

You've got me beat there Cyber. LOL.
With that much experience, you could probably get any position at Redwall you wanted. >__>
Is jealous

chuckles I've got less than a month!

At least I beat you Seth. >__>

grin everybody beats that.

"The death of Rats"?
Does he only kill rats? ???


"The death of Rats"?
Does he only kill rats? ???

No, it's a reference to Terry Pratchett, actually… Another brilliant, British author.

So I hear. sighs I still haven't read them yet.

Hey Walkin. Where have you been? We need you!

Who's Terry Pratchett

The Truth, Going Postal… He writes funny books kinda the same way the Weird Al does songs.

makes a face Did you hear 'weasel stomping day'? It was horrible! laughs Hey Weasel! Don't listen to it if you're sensitive!

heard Canadian Idiot? Its great. So is Yoda and The Saga Begins.

I wonder when all the good stuff  will happen. This character is going to be fun when he utilized to full potential.

I just noticed something in play and I thought I should make mention of it: the bones Mort wears aren't tied to his cloak, he's tied them to his paws, arms, fingers, and such directly.  Without the cloak, he still has the bones attached to him.

Oh… Good thing you clarified... 😉

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