Nickname: Sara

Full Name: Sara Firepaw

Species: Red Squirrel



Description:She has brown eyes,red fur,a long bushy tail and a white chest.Shes kind,but she gets really shy when she meets new people.She gets scared easily.Shes blind and she relies on her hearing.

Possessions:She uses a Bow and Arrows.

-Long-Ranged attacks
-Good sense of hearing

-Short-Ranged attacks
-Shes Blind

Background:She lives in Mossflower Woods.She became blind when she was 10 years old because a Rat attacked her and blinded her.She often runs into trees and bangs her head because she can't see.She relies on her hearing.

Very good! Could we know a little more about her? Like who were her parants, does she have any siblings? How can she use long ranged weapons if she can't see….

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