Merry Christmas from your favorite wolverine.  xD

Haha, cute, I like that. These are really good. Merry-Christmas Jake (and all of the rest of you redwallers)!

65% done with Oliver,60% done with dallas, 20% done with Dusk 10% done with Brad.

Man if it wasn't for school I would be done with everything by now! School reducing me to working on my arts exclusively on the weekends, makes it hard for proper progress to come. 😛

Nice!  I'm digging it.  You've definitely improved, even from last year.  8D

That said, I'm down for doing that collab whenever you're ready.

Thanks a lot marsh, and let's come up with some ideas of how it should all be played out. Something simple perhaps, nothing too crazy. Maybe both our behemoth characters power struggling locking claws or up close one trying to toss the other or just both running into each other for a take down.

No problem.

Schweetzle.  I'm guessing one of us sketch out the basic layout or something, and then we'll somehow coordinate with scanners, photoshop, and email.  And whatever one you would like best would be chill with me.

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