Please come take a look at A Warriors Legacy its newly created and not very active but that will come, so please come join we need more members!

Come one come all! We changed the name. And just so you know you don't have to like otters to join we just wanted something with otters in it. Its the same site though.

bump Anyone want to join?

I have an account on your site, but it's super quiet. It took three days for an admin to approve my chara. 😕

Deyna is Rorgus Belgarion is Sparhawk and  Finnbarr is me

Keira Blacktalon aka fleechhunter is me. ;3

Look I'm really sorry about that Greg put were still trying to get things up and going and I've been really busy these past few weeks. But thanks for joining anyway! We'll try to get it up a little faster and with more new members we'll do it!! If there is anyone else that you think might want to join please tell them about us!

Who's O'Malley? I think he's the one who approved my chara.

O'Malley is Vikenti Whitedeath i think

Yeah… 😃 Vik's cool. If I didn't have my mods and co-admins... I'd be in trouble.

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