Shadow Flame Gallery (Adding it in the Gallery soon)

Some pics of my character they get better every pic because they were drawn months apart. Thats about his muscle size and look in the RP.

Oliver Dodging a barrage of stones.

Oliver The Wrestler! Showing off his coolness 😛 That smudge thing on his face was from a water drop a small one. I freaked out and wiped it off. xD

I can tell you like wrestling… LOL
I'd try scanning your pics. It's hard to see otherwise. Besides which, you can resize them for easy viewing. You should add these to the gallery though.  🙂

Well I'm a wrestler so I really like it, this year is my 5th year of doing it. My buddy said I can be a County champion by next year, he was a representative of our state to the State Champions Wrestling tournament. He is the best on our team and hes my best friend so he taught me a lot.

I'm sure the pics are great, but I can't see them. ???

Do you have a proxy server or some sort of internet filter? Most filters will block anything from photobucket. (That's where they're being hosted)

Oh, okay. I have a Kaspersky filter. I think we have Belkin too, but I'm not sure.

Kapersky is Anti-Virus, and Belkin is a router for you Wifi. I'm talking about, Is there soming in your house that blocks some sites for content? If so, it is probably blocking

Belkin does filter sites for content. That is likely what's doing it. Oh well, maybe you can just put it in gallery Shadow.

2 pics I drew of my New character. They are also in the Gallery.

I really like the Athen's like helmet. Bogus cool! >__>

haha sweet!! I have some new ones of my charaters in the gallery

I saw they look awesome. I'll draw all three of them when they were at the pond probably.

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