Nickname: Fletch

Full Name: Klenn Farfletch

Species: Mouse

Description: He has aqua blue eyes and brown fur. He has a slightly rough outward appearance from his former slave life, and in his heart runs the blood of a warrior. He wears a plain brown jerkin with an overcoat of chainmail, stolen from the vermin barracks. He wields a sword and spear.

Possessions: A sword, spear, and an oath of vengeance

   - Excellent fighter
   - Has good eyesight
   - A born warrior

   - Would do anything for his friends
   - Sometimes rushes recklessly into battle
   - Burns with a vengeance inside

  A slave. He was captured when he was ten seasons old, and has recently gotten out, but without two of his friends, Skivvy and Sariah, and he swears to come back and someday liberate his friends.

Just curious, but do you mean something like a naginata or guan dao when you say 'sword spear'?

EDIT: The European term would be 'glaive', as I've just discovered myself.

Oops, forgot a comma, tha'd be cool though…

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