BIC: Hon hurried and went to the sea, grabbing a bucket from next to one of the houses and gathered some water.  Going back to Spar, he threw it on him.

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BIC: Spar came awake with a start! As he sat up his head reeled from the blow he had received. His eyes came into focus on the face of Hon. His clothes were drenched to the skin, and there was the taste of salt in his mouth. "What happened? Somethin' hit me on the head! ohhh, that hurts!" He said putting a paw to the back of his head, "where is my sword? I think I dropped it."

A grimy rat waved his sword around, "HAHAHAHA!  Come get it!" Hon was taken by a group of foxes and held tight.

Amel comes running back and boxes the rat to the ground with a foot. After that, she charges for the foxes.

Hon escaped and went next to Amelia, "come on, moi dear!  Let's teach these peasants a lesson!  Let's go!"

"Right you are Hon! But…"Amel stops to think. "Do we even have a blinkin' strategy? We seem outnumbered."

"Well….I suggest we....just....FIGHT!" He jumped into the fray.  He was lost to sight in the crowd of vermin.

She sighed. "If we're going to win, we need a flippin' way to do it!"Amel mumbled. She jumps back into the battle and decides to think of it later.

Suddenly, Janora awoke and thought of something.  She remembered some friends of hers that lived not far away on a rock in the sea.  She gave a shrill whistle and soon, many falcons dotted the sky and swooped down, attacking thw vermin.  Things were now going in the goodbeasts favor!

Spar saw the falcons come swooping in at the hares call. They were magnificent with their great wings spread! Hope filled him again and he reentered the battle with a new vigor! "Hon Amel, to me!" He cried, "We'll beat these vermin yet!"

Hon saw the birds coming.  "Yeah!" He shouted and  leaped up, but then, in his excitement he did not notice a vermin corsair and was hit by a large stone on the end of a string swung by a nasty ferret that was instantly killed at that moment by a falcon's sharp talon claws.  Hon's head was reeling and stars exploded before his eyes in a flurry of black clouds and spinning colors.  He fell and was lost in darkness.

The haremaid was ecstatic at the sight of the birds."Oh great bally goodness! Help has finally flippin' come." Then she turned to see Hon go down. "Oh great double bally goodness!" Amel dashes over and asks the falcon,"What in the jolly world happened?"

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Rorgus came dashing from the ship that lay at anchor (It had not sailed away and they made the rats think that it was abandoned.) He had a score of beasts at his back. They went dashing into the fray. With a yell he saw other hares on the other side and started fighting towards them.

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Ignoring the falcon, Amel tries her best to drag the hare behind the rock she left Janora by. "How could one flippin' hare be so flippin' heavy?"

Hon wasn't heavy, he just wore a lot of complicacted and hard-to-make clothing.  He did not wake up.  Meanwhile, the vermin retreated and the falcons flew away, they spoke a different language and didn't bother with "your welcomes" because they were there to help friends.

"Hon?" Amel pats his cheeks. She reaches over to a nearby bird and plucks a feather quickly. "Heh, sorry chap. You weren't goin' to use it anyway, wot!" Amel constructs a small fire and burns the feather near Florion's nose.

Hon didn't move.  Suddenly, Janora saw Hon and screamed.  "NOOOO!  Is he-NO!  He CAN'T be!  NEVER!" he went over to Hon and sobbed, "NO!  PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD!"

Rorgus ran over to the hare. Then he skidded to a halt at the hares side as he recognized him. HON!Is it really you?  How did you get here? What are you doing? Who is this? He motioned to Janora and Amel.

Janora looked up, "ere, who are you?" She had tears in her eyes.  "Do you know Florion?  I just 'ope that….NO!" She burs into a fresh flood of tears.

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