"Another bally beast I don't know," Amel says. "Pleased to meet you sir."

"Now!  Do we have a place to stay?"

"Sparhawk's the name mam, Sparhawk Fleetfoot at your service. And what might your name be if I may make so bold as to ask?"

The fanciful hare sniffed, "HARES ONLY!  Florion, darling, come….let's give you a place ta' stay!"

"Well, where will all of us bally stay, Hon?" Amel asks.

"With me!  Come on, m'dear, let's go!"

"Alright chap!" Amel looks around, still smiling. "To where?"

Hon's grandmother led them to a cabin near the giant stage.  "You'll stay 'ere!"

"Ooh, nice little jolly place. So,madam, how long have you been livin' here?"

"Since I was as old as Hon!  YEP!"

((Yep? Is something shocking her?))

OOC: Dotti, she speaks with a sort of "poor English" accent if you get what I'm saying so yep means yes.  Sparhawk, you can convince dear old grandmamma.

((Okay, just wanted to be sure.))

"So what about bloomin' Spar here? Can he stay, y'know as a jolly friend?"

"WELL!" Janora looked at Spar, "I suppose!"

"Thank'ye kindly mam! I am honored that I may stay on such a wondrous island. And now if no one objects, I would like to turn in." Spar bowed to Janora and turning, went into the cabin to detach his bedroll from his pack and layed it out.

"I second that, chap!" Amel finds a soft spot. "A long journey we had, wot!"

"Goodnight!" Madame Janora shut the door and walked out.

OOC: Is somebody going to post!?

Spar found a cot and unrolled his blanket onto it. As he lay down to sleep, he wondered what tomorrow would bring. This island was fascinating with all it hares and Madame Janora. It was good to be back with his again, and with that thought he fell asleep.

Morning came, and Hon got up early to go outside.  What he found was a bunch of hares in fancy costumes shouting to one another, moving props and singing on the stage.  "WOW!"

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