"Oh, grandmother, this is my friend, Lady Amelia!  I would love to stay here, I always wondered where my love for acting came from!"

OOC: Do I have all my facts right?

BIC:  Sparhawk looked out across the ink black water at the island that was slowly drawing nearer. His friend, "The Honorable Florion Mintmerry Scoffon Fancysworth." Had said this was where he was going. If Spar remembered correctly this was the island he was looking for. Hon said he wanted to find his Grandmother, on her island called, "Janora Gershilend La-Vavi Fancysworth's island." So Spar had decided he would drop in to see his old friend. As his rowboat touched land Sparhawk jumped lightly onto the beach, making sure not to get his tail wet. He turned to wave farewell to the hare whom he had asked to take him across to the island. He then turn inwards to see what sort of island he was on. From the beach it didn't appear to be very big, but it had a somewhat large community of hare living on it. As he walked up the main street he saw a small group of animals in the middle of the road talking to a garishly dressed elderly hare. He recognized his friend Hon immediately be the way he waved his paws around as he talked. Spar grinning to himself walked on silent feet up behind his friend. Then in a normal voice said, "Well if it isn't my friend The Honorable Florion!"

Crabpaw clenched his fist menacingly
  "Ye'd have half a mind to call me a streamdog granny, I'm wot they call a SEAdog, if you want to be insulting about h'it.  How'd ye like it if called ye a cooked- out ole rabbit eh? not very nice is it.  Don't worry, i'm leaving you're island of wotwot and top-holes, most of which are nice.  Hon, Amel, good day to ye."  He said as he made his way to his ship, obviously hurt.

The hares left him alone.  "WHY!  IS THAT YOU!?" he turned to the beast behind him, "OH MY GOODNESS!"

"Another bally beast I don't know," Amel says. "Pleased to meet you sir."

"Now!  Do we have a place to stay?"

"Sparhawk's the name mam, Sparhawk Fleetfoot at your service. And what might your name be if I may make so bold as to ask?"

The fanciful hare sniffed, "HARES ONLY!  Florion, darling, come….let's give you a place ta' stay!"

"Well, where will all of us bally stay, Hon?" Amel asks.

"With me!  Come on, m'dear, let's go!"

"Alright chap!" Amel looks around, still smiling. "To where?"

Hon's grandmother led them to a cabin near the giant stage.  "You'll stay 'ere!"

"Ooh, nice little jolly place. So,madam, how long have you been livin' here?"

"Since I was as old as Hon!  YEP!"

((Yep? Is something shocking her?))

OOC: Dotti, she speaks with a sort of "poor English" accent if you get what I'm saying so yep means yes.  Sparhawk, you can convince dear old grandmamma.

((Okay, just wanted to be sure.))

"So what about bloomin' Spar here? Can he stay, y'know as a jolly friend?"

"WELL!" Janora looked at Spar, "I suppose!"

"Thank'ye kindly mam! I am honored that I may stay on such a wondrous island. And now if no one objects, I would like to turn in." Spar bowed to Janora and turning, went into the cabin to detach his bedroll from his pack and layed it out.

"I second that, chap!" Amel finds a soft spot. "A long journey we had, wot!"

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