A brand new Redwall E-zine is out.

We're open for affiliating.

Here is the link.


Contact me if you want to help.

Looks very good. Are you the Editor?

Mean you Administrator? I am in charge of it if that's what you mean.

Cooooool!  😎
Maybe we should have one of those….  😉

You'll have to ask Barkstripe… He's the Abbey Recorder now.

Heh. You don't realize how hard it is…

Just saw Redwalls Legacy's post.

I'll be active here and all, but I can't be in charge of two e-zines.

Awwwwww…..  😞
Maybe someone else can do one then? ? ? ? ?


The May edition of The Myths Magazine is up! Please read and send reviews to [email protected]

Eh, wot wot? Wot's an e-zine? ??? And RL, what does Barkstripe mean he can't be in charge of two e-zines? ???

An online magazine that caters to a niche or special interest subject matter, i.e. a zine, is referred to as an ezine.


Oh! Now I get it! Why didn't they call it something simpler? 😞

Heh who knows…. humans are just crazy like that  ::)

Yeah, loony, loopy, crazy, insane….who knows what the homo sapiens sapiens will end up! 😉

Tess was plagiarized once with some work she did.

Update-Redwalls Legacy is now the site of the moment.

Tessa. If you would like, I could start up a website for you. I can put up a copyright and everything, and I can make it so that you can't lose your stories…How does that sound?

Sweet! We should Hopefully get some new members with that! 🙂

I'll leave it up until we get June's edition up…Any site recomendations are welcome...

YAY. June's edition of TMM us up, with a new domain. tmm.it.tp.

Cover drawn by Ferahgo. Please take a look, and be sure to rate us on the homepage. Any tips can be posted at: http://z4.invisionfree.com/TMM_Review/index.php?

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