Maybe we should set up an advertising campaign maybe? We've only got 14 members and not all of them are active.
We should put up a list of forums and the such where we can advertise, and we should go get a bunch of new members. We should all tell our friends too. (The ones who like Redwall)

Places Officially Advertised…

The Legend of Redwall
The Horde

Good Idea, I'll make this sticky…

Everyone say Hello to our newest member Shadow Flame…  😎

Hello Shadow Flame and Cyber Storm Alpha! Have fun!

I see you added to my post RL. Thanx!

Wow! I didn't even notice mention here. ^__^

Greetings and salutations, gentle beasts (and not-so-gentle beasts).

For the record, I've not had good Redwall play in FAR too long… Compliments to Google for directing me here.

Google? Really? I can't get RL to show up in google no matter what I search for. What did you put in as a search?  ???

So you've RPed before huh? 🙂 Where and When?

I ran a search for "Redwall RPG" and found it several pages is (I was desperate).

As far as where, I did LOTS of play in Ye Olde Abbeye (withe alle thee mandatorye superfluouse eese) on AOL.  A few boards that have come and gone, also.  Currently, it's been Furry Star Wars, though, so I've kept up the practice.

Absolutely! grin There's nothing more fun than nicking some poor, dumb Jedi's tail with your own lightsaber.

Where is this "Furry Star Wars" thing exactly. I'm not sure, but I remember something like that on Starfire's Redwall Abbey…
Something like... Han Swallow... Emperor Porcupine...

I play at two places, primarily… Well, I used to, anyways...

OK. I get it. Not sure I understand it but…  😉
To each thier own...  😉

Treed ferret-ation, Jabba the mut, Obi-swan Canobi? Yeah, I've heard of it. I heard about the pinecone tropedos too. (My siblings actually made a lot of those)

Yah, that's the one I'm thinking of… LOL
I can remember a few more too...
Lets see...
Darth Mole...
Mouse Windu...
Darth V. Adder...

Yah, there were quite a few good ones... LOL  😄

Yeah! Darth Mole. My Bro. did that one. Remember his hot poker?

Okay, I guess it was a different site that he did it on.

Laya-egg, a famingo and anakin skysquacker a raven

I think that this is kind of a tangent

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