Last one to post in this topic is an awsome person!

Do I have a bounty on my head I was not aware of?

Yup, for neglecting your duties to your queen 😛

Oh, that.

Well, see, I was on my way home from Troy when the God of the Sea had a hissy fit and I was kinda blown to the other side of the planet. I had to fight giants and monsters and sorcerers; it was all really quite spectacular. But, I'm back now.

What would my lady ask of her humble servant?

Sounds like quite of an adventure.

All I ask of you (and when I say ask, I mean order 😉 ) is that you remain here and active so that you can post, have fun, and most importantly serve your queen as needed.

As my queen asks, so shall I obey.
dignified bow
Tackle hug

Hey, Pen!!

@ all- Just a random thought; it's ironic that you can't win this particular game without winning secretly. If you win, no one knows it.

Hey Seth. 😄

Seeing as the only way to win this game would be to be the last person to ever log on to the site, I have decided I shall win in order to maintain at least some semblance of activity.

I win.  😉

Well, all the admins, anyway. We staged a coup…

Haha. so true CQ.

But gentlemen always lets the lady win

Since the topic is locked to non-admins, I vote this is the last post. It's not fair to the other members.

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