Story arc idea: MANGE (Overview)(OOC)

I'll wait until the story progresses some more. I'll wait until the right moment. 😄

OK, Thanks Fate. I'm thinking I could befriend Titia at her Aunts apartments. If you do/don't want me to do that just tell me.

I think I'll be like Jet and wait until I think it's the right time to pop in.

Raen, please check my PM reply to you and Nam for details there. If you would take the 'just arrived ahead' idea, it would be delightful. 😄
Yes, Nam, that's me. I connive and twist to my own advantage. Mwahahahaha…
At least my chara has noble intentions, even if she is totally manipulating the rest of you. lol

OK, I replied already. Not sure if I sent it to both of you though. (still getting used to this site)  🙂

Sorry for the double post. Namaste, how 'bout while people are talking/spreading rumors about Harack's mange (in "Mange") I can be telling some of the older teenage girls about Lily and Thad's upcoming wedding? It would make it seem like there was a lot of activity in the room/a lot of people all talking about different stuff. Kinda show a little bit of Abbey dinner-talk.

That would be great Raen.

What threads are you using for the vermin band and eventually the army? I like challenges and something new every once in a while and RPing vermin would be really fun.

We haven't started those threads yet. We're going to wait until Harack runs away to start any… I really have my hands full already trying to keep up with like, 5 threads...  X_x  Besides, it's good to right at least partially progressively, since what happens now to Harack and everyone else will affect how they act/think later.

Is that okay?

If you want though, you should totally be one of the vermin in the band Harack chums up with originally.

Oh yeah, forgot about that, silly me!  Take your time Nam!

I'm waiting for Fate to respond in "Someone to See You" and I won't be able to reply in the "Mange" part til tomorrow at least.

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