Hey, when should we have our official winter feast? And do we get a say in the name for winter?

Wait…Did we start doing this recently or is this just a thought that we should do it.

If it is the latter I say YEY...for any of you deprived children(in reference to Robin Hood Men in Tights) that means yes.

Let's have an RP Feast! That would be great … like we RP our characters trying to make food and stuff and have even vermin join in. Would be fun!

Kudos guys.  (I thinks that's how you spell it?)

I'll start one up in Redwall Abbey.  In Abbey Rroper.  Named Winter Feast (2008)

Haha… I don't think it's time quite yet.

Oh, are we supposed to name the season/feast in its honor at the beginning of a season or at the end? (although I guess the beginning of one season is the end of another...)

Aye.  To true.  To true, indeed.

@Namaste: We name it at the beginning, I think. Or somewhere in the middle.

That seems proper, so we should probably start topic to name this winter.  As long as the admins are content with our intuition.  But I think there should be no such problem.

Oh, I have an idea on how to name the season! Don't put a poll up here, not yet anyway. Jetfang, Ensis, which of you is responsible for the abbott/abbess figure? (who controls the chara?)

I could care less.  One of you too can have it.

Jetfang, something someone said made me think you were allotted that role. Is that correct?

Uh, if so I was never informed. LOL

Fate told me to make up a rickety old guy that can last until we had an offically-appointed abbot/abbess.

I definitely did not submit myself a character as an Abbot. I wonder who started that rumor/gossip/speculation/misunderstanding? But if you really want me to then …

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