Player: Marr Jassur

Char. Name: Marr Jassur

Species: River otter

Gender: Male

Age: About 32 yrs.

Ethnicity: German/Austrian type accent and speech, combined with nautical influences.

Physical: A strong, muscled otter, Marr's strength is more toned muscle than anything else; his muscles don't bulge, but seem to just fit his bodyl.  Sleek, brown fur covers his body, with lighter cream on the belly.  His right eye is badly scarred, but not missing, though he tends to cover it with an eyepatch so as not to scare anybeast.  Normal clothing for him consists of a white collared shirt, usually rolling up the sleeves, and a series of belts that house both his sabre and his dagger.  All in all, Marr is a normal looking otter, with the appearance of one whose seen it all and participated too.

…I'll probably add to this later.