I see all these random charries in threads and no ones created profiles but me  😞 . It'd make it easier the roleplaying if the profiles were created guys  😉  .

Just go to the Character Profile section and put in what ever info you want. You can copy another person's format if you want but the important thing is the info.

Sorry Silas! I'll put some up. I've been meaning to anyhow!

didn't post profile in here. 😞 😞 😞 forgot. I'll post them in here from now on.

No! Don't put your profile up Here! 😮
Put it in the Character Profile section of the forum
Put your profile here.

Vardon you need to preview before posting. If there is an error like forgeting to take off caps lock then just delete it. Please be more careful about spelling as well. If you can't spell the word then ask.(edited)

I've posted several of my profiles so far. A lot of other people have done new profiles too by now.

grin How do you ask how to spell a word if you can't spell it?

You can type it on google and it will correct for you. Mozzila Firefox has a setting that does "spell check" in the 'right click' menu. You can use word too. Siblings work better than any of those. 😉


Do the profiles have to accepeted or approved before we can carry on roleplaying?~

Nope. You can even start roleplaying without a bio. It's generally considered rude though. People like to see who they are talking to. 🙂

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