Nickname: Belladonna

Full Name: Belladonna Brookside

Species: Gray Squirrel

Description: gray fur, black eyes, wears a gray habit tunic and gray leggings, wears a crystal necklace.

Possessions: healer's stock of herbs, a few books and texts, healing stones and crystals from her mentor.

Excellent healer
Is good at calming small Dibbuns

easily angered

Introvert. Would rather be tending her bees than talking to you. Also, on the subject of bees, she has rather a stinging tongue.

Belladonna Brookside is a woodland dweller with a strong dislike of other beasts. There's no particular reason for it; she just doesn't like them, but she does like to fix things. A healer in a solitary woodland house burrow seems an ideal occupation for her.

Age: 22

Alignment: very neutral most of the time

Job: Healer/sarcastic twerp