Hello there my fellow Redwall dwellers – and sthe piteful vermin alike! ..and you too, waaaaaaah

I'm looking for company for some good ol' fashioned Redwall RPing.

Any takers? n____n

Arrr, matey! Ye've found yerself w illing companion to sail the seven sea-I mean, RP with you

ARRRR, grab the oars and reef the sails then, matey! We're out for sailing to the great adventure!

Alrighty… At the moment I'm contemplating of bringing couple of new characters in this forum, but let's hear first which of your alts you're interested of playing? ^^

Rumble. I haven't had enough opportunity to use him yet. A little mole getting into trouble is the perfect Redwall adventure!

ooooh – aren't you for treat then! xD

I could offer you a vermin pine marten and his protege, a weasel kid, who is in Rumble's age. Those kinds could get in trouble together if Rumble decides to wander outside of Abbeys walls...

Or then there's my wandering bard mouse. Joyful but holder of dark secrets... Any of those tickling your interest? ^^

Bard mouse sounds interesting! Let's go with that!

Bard mouse then it is! n.n

Still, would it be possible if they to meet outside Abbey? Maybe in Mossflower woods? That environment could give us all sort of opportunities. ^^ Like, they could run in some sort of danger.

Something like that, yeah. Rumble would definitely meet him/her outside the abbey.

Awesome! Sadly, it's gettin pretty late over here so I have to go now… But I can post the start of the thread tomorrow -- along the bios of my mouse bard x)

Meanwhile you can thing of your explanation how Rumble ended up wandering in Mossflower woods. Iäll but our thread over there. ^^

'Tis simple. He snuck out when no one was looking 😉

Hey man, nice to meet ya!

You have no idea how tempting it is to pop in…

You're always welcome back, Serena! I'd love to join, but my attention is focused on multiple things in my life right now: new work for roughly 30-40 hours a week, my writing on this site and Drabbles, and some personal issues that are being really tough on my emotional well-being. So I'm sorry. This will be impossible for me.

Hello to all of you! How nice of you drop by! ^^

Okay, the thread is here: "Singalong In The Night" ( http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2817.0 )

We have room if any of you're interested. Feel free to hop in if you ever feel like! Me and waaaaaaah haven't much of thought of the plot yet, so we just swing it as we go xD

But be warned – there will be SINGING! muahahhahaaa!

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