So industrial revolution/roaring 20s rp?

same here but i'm a little interested in maybe having a female character of mine assume the role of a male so she can do idk,,, manly things haha

still, thats just a little idea

okay well in that case ill go ahead and start it off. I think i might just reuse the murder mystery i did last time since that rp was never completed

Feel free to reboot it rodo.

Life kind of ate me alive to continue x.x

yeah i figured life ate you alive. I'm still fending it off with a stick

Feel free to have my foxy theif meet a horrible end in a cameo if you want xD

oh yeah jask. i can actually use him as a informant xD

uhh are people even still interested?

For small cameo's I am available. As an MC, I am not.

Feel free to control Jask as you want, or have him become a potential murder victim o.o

I always liked the setting. It was like a 1920's zootopia

yeah i know the setting is pretty cool. it is just i already posted the link for the rp like over a week ago with no response xD. So best to ask and see if people are even interested anymore

Sorry,  I've been meaning to post there X3

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