The Feast of the Worlds (OPEN FOR EVERYONE)

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She wasn't about to respond, a little annoyed when they were interrupted by another beast. TJ took a step back in surpriseand watched the unfolding. She chuckled as the new comer issued a challenge to Rascal. Now this was a compition! She leaned against another table and watched the proceedings before saying quietly, "There are rules, the first creature to finished tr most plates of food wins, the prize is a payment worth of a knife, loser pays the winner. No cheating, no asking for help, your plate must be clean in order for it to count. Any interference from the outside will pose elimination. those are the rules, set down by TJ, Administrator and Ruler of Mossflower World"

Dominique watched as another creature joined the party and gave a smile, now others were trickling in! Wonderful! She was hoping many more joined the precedings. Her sharp eyes didn't miss anything as she saw, which sshe assumed, was the new comers friends. Shrugging she kept a watch on the table which has been drawing and even bigger crowed. Eventually she would make her way over, but for now she chatted away with old friends.

Star's eyes widened. Biting her lip to keep from laughing, she nudged Rascal.
"Ya hear that? You have to put your money where your mouth is! You sure you can finish all that?" She could tell Rascal would probably try to weasel out of the situation he got himself into. Or would he?
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Weasel himself out of his problems indeed. The rotund glutton was one bite away from securing himself a bet before this… Brute of a fox butted in! Now he has to win an eating contest with his stomach already full!

"Fine!" Rascal flailed his arms about. "Fine! I accept your challenge. It's time to put your food where your mouth is, fox!" With a devious grin, Rascal began to slice him another slice of pie. "Unless of course, anyone else wants to jump in here and toss more onto the bet? That seems to be the custom here... No? Well then we can-"

"I would like to raise the stakes."

"Oh for the love of, what is it now?" Rascal began, then paused when the crowd parted to dramativally reveal a tall, imposing reptile. The muscular beast of red scales louged in a chair by the table, dressed in an open hawaiian shirt and tan shorts.

"My names, Vrasku... And I'm willing to double what ever the lovely vixen lady is willing to pay." The man flicked a strange plastic card onto the table and then grinned evily. "But only on the condition that the loser becomes DINNER."

Rascal gulped, "T-that seems a tad violent..."

"Well, I am the villain. Kind of in the job description." Vrasku the villainous lizard shrugged, "Unless of course you both doubt you can win..."

"Me? No, no, no. I can totally win. But my fellow fox here might not enjoy such... Interestingly dangerous stakes, you know..." Rasval chuckled nervously.

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Hinata sighed and placed a paw over her eyes. Ridiculous fox, she thought.
“Of course I’ll take you on, oh villainous one!” Katsuke cried, and immediately snatched an empty plate from the table. “I am prepared to watch this honorable glutton be devoured as a delectable meal of some kind. Or, if he proves the fatter of the two of us, I will become thy meal!” He stood and took an elaborate bow, then turned to the crowd and did the same, then finally to the tubby fox across from him. “Sir, I engage thee!”
He seized a sizable tart from one end of the table, then dashed over to another table and gathered a number of other food items and started stacking his plate.
Hinata watched, a slight chuckle escaping her throat. “At least,” she murmured, “He has a good chance of winning at this point. That other fox looks a little . . . full.”
Jurou sniffed. “That’s an understatement.” He stayed near her, though slightly in front, as creatures near him shuffled away from his person.
Be nice, Hinata signed. But . . . She paused. That villain looked dangerous, and could actually end up hurting Katsuke or another beast at the feast.
“Get a weapon or two prepared,” she whispered.
“Hmph.” Jurou pulled out (under his cloak) a few knives, then reached inside his cloak to make sure that he had a good number of senbons also at the ready.
        "Ready thy utensils!" Katsuke shouted through a mouthful of food, pointing a fork at Rascal.
        Nande, baka . . . Hinata thought.

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Star yelled, "Are you both insane!? You are betting your LIVES on an eating contest!" She scowled, and dug in her purse. She swore she had that poison blade G had given her somewhere! She knew she couldn't outright stop the contest, but maybe she could stop that lizard from harming anyone. If she remebered how to throw it…

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Everything was going along fine until a lizard joined the frey and what turned out to be fun and games now had the bet of the loser getting eaten for dinner. That is one thing TJ couldn't stand.

"ENOUGH!"' she snapped in a loud voice, drawing her saber and slamming it down on the table, cutting the plastic card in half. "I HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE, OR WHAT YOU ARE DOING BUT THIS IS A PARTY!" she continued her voiced getting louder, "AND YOU, SIR, ARE A GUEST AT THIS PARTY! I HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU HOPE TO GAIN OUT OF BETTING ON OTHER LIVES, BUT IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED." she glared at the lizard merc, moving closer she held the sword up to his neck and spoke in a normal voice, laced with contempt, "Have you no manners? What gives you the right to barge in on a friendly competition during this glorious time? threaten lives and act all godly about it? that you are all that and everyone should obey you?!" she gave him a smack over the head, "REALLY? You are an adult for heavens sake, a grownup, a member of society and right now you are acting like a child." she glowered, "SO SIT YOUR ARSE DOWN IN THE CHAIR and SHUT UP Vrasku" she snapped. Abbey Champion Tessa and sister Jessie stepped behind TJ, hands on weapons ready to draw if a fight came to it. "Now, you can either participate and the prize for the winner would be the price of a new knife, plus the 59 kamas and I'll double it. Take it or leave it." she glowered looking him in the eyes.

]Dominique in the meantime appeared at his other side, pistol sword drawn and a flagon of ale in the other hand, "I suggest you do what Administrator TJ says, I heard she has quiet a nasty temper, I mean after all, she is part of the Sisterhood of Assassins, amazing at tracking down and getting rid of troublemakers." She gave a flourished bow, "Commodore Dominique Perrie, treasure hunter and adventurer. And this is MY part and I don't appreciate guests threatening other guests lives, if it continues, I would have to ask you to leave, and if you don't leave willingly, I will force you to leave." she gave a quick smile, "Besides, you can do all the killing, conquering, eating other beasts by noon tomorrow, so lets hold off on all of your dark fantasies until tomorrow ok?" she handed him the flagon of ale, "Drink up sweetheart, best ale in of the worlds if I say so my self. And who knows, maybe by the end of the night everyone here will be your friend."

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Star quickly took her hand out of her purse, and zipped it up. She did NOT want to get her host, and admin, mad. Besides, it looked like they had security under control. Hey, I wonder if the Arries are here….

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"You see Star," Rascal said, placing a paw on her shoulder, "It's not just a contest now, its a matter of honor. To know who is the best, even at the risk of ending up as fox stew, I, Rascal, shall head the call of bravery and-"

And then the GM confronted Vrasku.

"Oh thank all that is holy! Finally, someone to bring us to our senses!" The tubby fox laughed, turning to his fellow vulpine glutton. "Still doesnt mean I wont womp your tail into next week…" He said, finally grabbing a plate and shoveling slices of cake onto it.

The lizard yelped, shielding himself with his paws, "Easy, goven'ar! I wasn't going to actually eat one of them. Just thought I might have a spot of fun with them, that's all!" He chuckled darkly, like someone vaught with their pae in the cookie jar. "It's not my fault I'm the bad guy, you can blame my writer for that, if he had the guts to show up himself..." The lizard said bitterly, shrinking in his seat.

Katsuke was completely oblivious to the massive argument going on around him. He had his head buried in a large tart, up to his large ears. Finally, when Rascal also started to eat, he looked up. “Did I miss something?” he asked his fellow glutton. “No matter. Onward, worthy opponent!” Back to the tart.
Sighing in relief, Hinata took her paw off of the kunai at her side.
Jurou spoke. “I have an odd feeling,” he muttered, “That Katsuke would have completely ignored the threat of becoming a dinner for somebeast until he’d had his fill.”
Hinata nodded in agreement. That’s probably true, she signed. She paused. I need to go be ready to give Katsuke the money for if he loses.
“Fine . . . but be quick about it. And quiet.” Jurou made his way to a seat near enough to the competition to watch, but far away enough to not be noticed. Even so, creatures shuffled away from him as he sat down.
Hinata slipped through the crowd, noiselessly making her way towards Katsuke. She pawed at the money purse attached to her belt. “He’d better win,” she whispered to herself. “I’m not particularly in the mood to pay anybeast anything for his stupidity.”
Katsuke, meanwhile, was stacking his second plate, going at an absurd pace whilst shoveling food into his mouth. He reached across the table for a stray salad. “Very good, this spread,” he said, though with his full mouth, it sounded more like, “Vewey gud, fish shpred.”
Swallowing his food, he asked of Rascal, “So, art thou a traveller like myself?”

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