Member of the Month: July 2017

Hello dear members of Redwall's Legacy! Welcome to yet another Member of the Month 🙂

This time I have made the poll a little smaller (based on activity during the month of July) so hopefully that would help the contest have its first sole winner since it was re-started back in April. Aside for that, though, everything remains the same and the rules are as follows:

  • You may vote for up to: 5 people.


  • Voting closes on: 7 Days (August 9th).

With nothing more to add… have fun!

Me too! Please no Ties! 😢 Or… wait, if this is a tie, would this be the 4rth in a row??

And again…

Guys, this is starting to feel kinda pointless.

Well then. i don't know if I should feel defeated that its another tie, or happy I'm one of the member's that got part of the tie.

Nah, you are pretty great, mate.

But the constant ties are getting tiresome.

It seemed like a cool idea, just i don't think there was exactly enough people for it to work.

Yeah, I think that's the issue too.

Maybe if we limit the number of votes allowed to be cast…

  • 10
  • 609