Go right on ahead! Were you thinking of making a horde member, or something else?

horde member. monitor lizard. but… not tonight. i have to go... see ya!    .^=^.

I haven't developed the Abbey any, do any think there would be a counterpart to Martin, the guardian spirit of Redwall? And what would it be?

I was looking up some pictures and I had to laugh. A platypus as THOR?? LOL!


Also, whoes turn is ir by the way?

Well, I don't really have set turns. But it's your turn if you like.

I put up my platypus's profile and intro post. I had trouble settling on the personality for a while haha. I dunno what to do with the characters while they are traveling though.

Thanks, Doggo. I just put up a profile for Bumble as well.

I'm back to (sporadic) posting after my hiatus. I'll just reorient myself before posting anything.

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