Both Lennard and Mortimer had watched the group discuss plans on how to get the bird away from the drone. The hare clearly looking at this with a disapproving look, "Bloody really? All the chitchat and for wha? To get a bloody bird to bugger off?" He muttered grumpily as Mortimer looked on with his own interest.

"We are trying to set a good image after all and trying not to shoot the natives or birds. If we can that is and its preferred which I do find very…" He turns to the side to side and sees Lennard already out of the vehicle heading towards the treeline with good pace. "Noble." The mouse sighed as he turned his attention back to the groups conversing on what to do about the small bird.

After a bit he could a new beast join and recognized them as the 'infamous' Usean sniper 'The Red Ghost", then set up his bipod on the hood of the truck. "Well, this got interesting." Mortimer then turned his binoculars back to where the bird was and barely managed to catch a glimpse of Lennard near where the bird is. "Oh....this may not end good."

The hare meanwhile had stealthily made his approach to the birds nest and could clearly hear the bird getting louder as he got near. With practiced ease he navigated the brush and with the magpies squawks made it a bit easier to get near it. Then noticed the smaller drone on the ground, making a sour face as he then picked up a rock and tossed it a fair distance away as it clattered through the underbrush. This made the bird go quiet instantly as it turned towards where the source of the new sound was and still livid, squawked angrily in that direction. Another clatter made the bird go ballistic as it flew that direction to find the new possible intruder thinking to sneak up on it.

The hare waited a few moments before moving up and picking up the small drone, a semi-curious look before waving to the most likely onlookers of his stunt. With a grunt he began to walk over to the group with the small drone in tow and soon made the distance without the bird coming back yet. "Ya wanted this thing then?" He held up the small drone clearly not of Usean make as it crackled.

The Red Panda smiled as he gave a little bow. "Well I didn't realize that such a lovely lady like yourself had such interest in a soldier like myself." He said with a smile before looking into his scope and suddenly he looked confused. "Uhhh Captain…you need to see this." Louis who was originally giving the sniper a glare for his comments at Fabi before snapping back to reality and looked through his binoculars and witness the older hare pulling his stunt as he called out to the unit. While some of the Mercs seemed impressed the soldiers and Mercs closer to Louis could tell he wasn't happy. "You! front and center!" He called out in a tone similar to the voice from his drill sergeant days. Once the Merc arrived he looked at him square in the eye. "What is your name and more importantly, What the hell was that? That bird was the same size as you if that damn thing decided to be hostile you would had been dead before anyone can react!" Louis said before shaking his head and stuck out his hand. "Hand me the drone and get one of the tech guys. Lets have a look at this."

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]The tips of Fabis ear turned red and she looked away, clearing her throat with a slight smile. She briefly looked at Louis and saw his glare and she raised her eyebrows in surprise before looking down at her paws.

She heard a squawk and saw Lennard and Mortimer  scare the huge bird away and got  the drone. She had to say she had a pretty good team, and with Mortimer and Lennard on it, they got things done. Apparently Louis wasn't that please and looked mad, Fabi flinched at the sound of his loud voice telling Mortimer and Lennard to report to him with the drone. She said quietly to Louis, "that's Lennard and Mortimer, they are on my team, let me assure you that they know what they are doing, its not their first time out." Before shifting back and grimacing as they got a lecture. She gave them a sympathetic look, she always hated to be on anyone's bad side. But secretly she was pleased with them

As Lennard walked he heard Louis yell out at him and the hare rolled his eyes, "Bloody hell, one of those types?" He mumbled to himself grumpily and soon stood in front of the mouse.

"What is your name and more importantly, What the hell was that? That bird was the same size as you if that damn thing decided to be hostile you would had been dead before anyone can react!"

"Lennard, 'assisting' an Op, and I do bloody know what I'm doing 'sah'." He then gave Louis the damaged drone then walked off as Mortimer had came over from the vehicle. In the paws of the older mouse he had had a strange looking rifle that had a small air pressure canister on it and had shouldered it as the hare met him, "You certainly got along well with him Wesly."

The hare notices the rifle, "Finally decided to upgrade the Syringer eh?" Which the mouse merely shrugged, "Well, a bit of range didn't seem to be a bad idea and a good call to. Didn't think you'd notice, but your you after all."

He nodded, "Yah, figured you had a tranq or two on the ready and a decent shot at least."

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It took a little while for the tech crew to discover that this drone specifically wasn't one of there own which lead to some concern amongst the group. Regardless this will have tobe something they report in once they return from the mission but it was clear they needed to push on so Louis gave the order to move out. It took them a several more hours of driving before the  aroma of salt water was in the air. Louis leaned back in seat looking at the new lead truck. The new truck had to take lead position due to mechanical issues on the other truck. "Damn hunk of junk" Louis muttered as patted the dash of the truck. The driver looked over at the mouse and laughed. "Ah come on Captain, You know that these old ISAF trucks have their moments and it is always something minor. Give these trucks some credit." Louis looked over at the beagle and sighed. "I guess your right Douglas. Anyways hang on let me radio in the lead truck." He said as he grabbed the radio. "Hey lead truck you starting to pull ahead ease up on the speed. Also how are things looking ahead."  The radio then responded. "Solid copy 1-1. So far everything seems alri-" Suddenly the radio comms broke as the lead truck suddenly exploded into a ball of fire  as it was launched up in the air and rolled into the ditch. Suddenly shots started to ring out striking the gunned on the truck in the back of the line and killing him." ALL UNIT GET DOWN! SWITCH TO LETHAL ROUNDS!" Louis yelled as his team rushed out of the truck before yet another rocket  wizzed by hitting the ground near the truck.

Both older beasts, Mortimer and Lennard, had gotten out of their vehicle quickly and took positions to fire back. With clear experience they started picking off the ambushers, taking out the few who had AT weapons and stragglers. Hiding behind cover and repositioning when the heat was on them.

"Bloody hell! Seems some blokes aren't too happy with us being here!" The hare said before picking off an enemy trying to pick up a weapon off of the ground. Mortimer meanwhile picked off those closer by with his SMG, "Not that many either, 20 or so from what I can make out."


Meanwhile, a fair distance away from the ambush a sniper scope was surveying the scene and hovered over where the two older beasts were. "Poydem, ser?"

"Net." A rugged looking ferret said while looking through his binoculars. "Nasha rol' - prosto pereosmyslit', uchastvovat' tol'ko v tom sluchaye, yesli ona vynuzhdena." Already he could tell the ambush was turning in favor of the defenders as more fell from the return fire and grunted. "Ironclaw, otpustite, chtoby ukazat' bravo. Ochevidno, chto nashi posledniye novobrantsy ne mogli spravit'sya s prostoy zasadoy." With precision the 20 beast team with bulky gear left their spotting position and moved off into the underbrush away from the fighting.

TJ was yanked out my Marcus who threw her behind the humvee, she was wide eyed looking at him and Mona. "Thanks, I kinda froze.." She said as she took a deep breath, readying her rife. "What I don't understand is where they get the weapons from." She said as she spun up and let off a few shots in the direction where the attack came from, and ducking back down. "I mean, they don't have the technology that we have," she let off a few more rounds before reloading. "We need to check for injured creatures." They quickly dashed to the humvee in front and slowly made their way forward checking who washout dead or not. And those who where injured, addressing the wound quickly as possible and tagging them for transport.

Fabi dove for a rock and rubbed a paw over her face, wiping away the sweat, slowing her breathing. She reached the first humvee who took the full hit, gagging slightly at the smell she stayed low as she scurried through the wreckage looking for survivors. She found one, a badly burned and wounded ferret. "Hold on, I got you!" She said hurriedly as she slung off her pack and started to tend the wounded solider. She looked around desperately for her crew and found herself quiet alone, taking a deep breath she started to work, applying a turniket and bandages where needed all the time talking to the ferret. "You'll be ok, stay with me!" She said as he drifted in and out of focus and she slapped him hard across the face, "You ain't dying today, it's not your time!" She said desperately her voice cracking. Somehow she needed to get him away from the wreckage and the burning. Out of the thick smoke, out of danger. She put his arm around her shoulders. "Come on, you need to walk.." She said grunting, pulling him back, hoping she had enough smoke cover that she wouldn't be an exposed target. They staggered slowly back towards the others.

Louis hunkered down on the side of the hill with Douglas and Xaio by his side. "Dammit the lead truck's wreckage is blocking the path! Xaio do you have a beat on the enemy?" The mouse said as he looked over to the Red Panda who peers over the hill spotting several flashes up on the hillside. "We have snipers up on the hill if you can give me cover I'll move out of sight into a position with a clear shot." Xaio said at the mouse and beagle. Giving a nod Louis turned to the beagle. "Alright Douglas! Light'em up!" With that the two raised from the hill opening fire ass they yelled for the rest of the unit for suppressing fire. This gave Xaio a chance to move as he grabbed his rifle he started to run before spotting Fabi carrying a wounded ferret. Then he saw the flash from the hill and the wounded ferret's chest was suddenly tore open spouting blood everywhere as the bullet tore through him. The Red panda suddenly dashed straight towards the mouse tackling here behind a truck as another shot suddenly whizzed right passed the two. Deciding to cut his losses Xaio popped up from behind the truck rifle raised aiming towards where the sniper shot came from and then took a shot of his own.

The exchanging of return fire from soon began to dwindle from the ambushers and one began to to ready a grenade to toss. Only for Lennard to pop out out of cover to land shots on the rat through his chest. The few nearby barely registered their comrade falling until exploding from the dropped grenade after a few seconds.

Gunfire ceased after the explosion and once the dust settled none of the attackers seemed to be left standing, or alive as Lennard peeked over. "Bloody hell." The hare moved over to the side where the attackers came from and all he heard were a few low groans of the soldiers passing on. He waved over to the rest, "Clear! Just a few that aren't gonna last long." Which he shouldered his rifle and Mortimer began tending to those wounded nearby, the older mouse helping those he could.

Time seemed to slow, and Fabi turned her head seeing the ferret jerked next to her and before falling forward. Fabi staggered before she was tackled to the ground. Her breath came out in a whoosh as she landed hard to the ground. Her body feeling numb she looked and saw Xiao above her, firing off shots. As time sped up again the guns shots died down and everything became into focus. She groaned, getting air back into her lungs, turning her head she saw the ferret a few feet away. Closing her eyes she put her paws over her eyes, as tears threatened to fall, her body shaking. Luck was on Fabis side today, if it wasn't for Xiao, she would of been injured, or worse. "Thank you..thank you..heavens above thank you…" She mumbled over and over to herself. She ran her paws in her hair before sitting up and looking at the red panda, She gave him a shaken grateful smile, "Xiao, I-" she was instructed when Mona came running over, Markus following close behind. Monas bushy tail was on end, "Are you ok!? We lost you threw the smoke." Markus gave a small grin, a bandage on his head. Fabi nodded, "We.i mean I'm fine...just..shaken." She trailed off. "Are you ok Marcus?" He nodded, " Right as rain." Fabi nodded, forcing herself to speak grabbing Markus' radio she spoke into it, "Fabis's team, we need to set up triage, those seriously wounded set up in a back of a humvee, walking wounded and those able, we need to bring in the wounded, Mortimer, I need you with me at the humvee, Lennard, start triage, the rest of you, start patching up the wounded for transport. Then we can determine who goes back to base." Mona nodded and Markus gave a small salute before taking off. Fabi put the radio back on her beltbefore slowly getting up and put a paw on Xiao's shoulder, "Thank you... For saving my life...I owe you a life's debt," giving it a small squeeze she walked towards her humvee, it was gonna be a long night of treating the wounded and debriefing. She gave one last look at Xiao before getting to work.

Louis looked around as rifle raised. "I need a status report! how many dead?" He said as the Beagle looked about for a moment. "Capt, we have 8 dead. all the guys in truck one are dead…we lost 3 more in the gunfight." There was a pained expression on his face as he looked about before looking over at Fabi. "Medical team you guys got a head count on wounded?" He said as he waited for the answer but something seemed off before he suddenly called back out to the medics. "Actually hold that thought, Douglas, Xaio....on me." He said as he drew his rifle again as the two formed up on him and began to move  up the hill where the enemy was firing upon. "Alright we need to ID these guys....who are they and where did they get the guns?" Louis stated to the other two as they walked up the hill.

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–--hours later, well into the night----

Fabi took off a pair of blood stained gloves and wiped her brow. Looking at her paws she saw they were slightly trembling. Looking in a small mirror, she saw what a mess she looked, blood coated her fur across her face, drying into a dark brown crust, her hair was half falling out of her ponytail and she just looked depleted and exhausted.
Fabi sighed and looked away.

She walked away and slowed as she saw the 8 body bags lined up next to the humvee. Silver tags labeled each solider and she muttered a small prayer as she passed. They will be heading back to base along with the wounded, while the rest who can go forward to find the other drone and maybe figure out why they were under attack. Well that is what Fabi hoped. She saw her crew. Somehow her team managed to come away unscathed which was a relief for Fabi. She stopped and looked at them, "Well done, everyone, today was a rough day, but we made it through..." she paused before continuing her voice soft, "We worked well and as a team, and that really reduced the casualties. I"m  really proud to know all of you guys and that I know that we always have each other back, that no matter what, we keep our eye on the goal and never waver no matter how dire it seems." her voice slighly cracked at the end and she cleared her throat, "Go get some rest, tomorrow will be another day." her team disbanded and Fabi looked up at the night sky, 'Tomorrow will be a better day...' she whispered to the stars, who twinkled in the night sky.

Walking to her Humvee IT (So affectionately called by Fabi as IT) she hopped in, checking on the few wounded under her care, seeing that they were resting peacefully she went over to the bucket. Grabbing a clean rag she got it wet and started to scrub the dirt and blood off her face, the blood that came from the wounded and the ferret she failed to save. She scrubbed harder and harder, part of her wanting to scrub away the whole day away. Looking up she stared at her wet face before dunking her whole head into the bucket of water. Letting out all the air and holding her breath until she started to feel her lungs burst for air. She lifted her head taking a deep intake of breath and letting it out slowly. Tears fell down her face as she opened her eyes, she shook her head, spraying water everywhere before burying her face in a towel. Thank goodness she had a great crew to help her and reduce any more causalities. Wiping her face of tears she checked on wounded again before sitting down and dangling her paw off the edge of IT. Leaning back she looked up at the night sky, deep in thought.

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