Okay so awhile back I had a massive nontraditional Rp title the gate report which for those who don't recall or knew about it was about A gate that opened between the Redwall Universe and a more modern world causing a PMC group to investigate and ended up escalating due to event but it was a rather fun and enjoyable RP that sadly died a horrible incomplete death so well I was talking to a buddy that was helping me control the flow of the RP and well We decided to why not try and do a Reboot? Same basis but starting over so characters and even most of the story can now be entirely different depending on what happens. So I am just tossing this out there for anyone who seems interested

Also for each character understand there are two possible starting points.

Either yo live in the Redwall universe that is now witnessing beasts in strange clothing and moving metal machinery with strange weapons


you  are from the Modern world where you are going to see things like giant birds and crazy hordes of beasts that are try to rush you and your tank.
Also if you choose modern world then 9/10 you work for This mercenary company http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2585.0

other then that feel free to come up with ideas and post em here and if I think I can do it I might find a way to incorporate it.

all for it!| hmmm… who shall i choose... Starlight!!
cant wait!! ^^ -

awesome. oh and question will Starlight be from redwall world or are you gonna do some edit and become a member of the PMC company? aside from that I better mention that you gotta choose a starting side .-.

Me me!! I will play!! Still using Fabi. 🙂

And thus the Renvi/Fabi sibling arc is also Reborn!

also important note: please be sure to pay attention to everything that is happening. I am saying this in order to prevent possible mistakes that can lead to problem…..the Gate Report Vets might remember what I'm talking about.....

question is…go back to using Widow, or use the other new chars I made for Stonewall specifically. XD

well you can use multiple characters Dude….remember I had to control 2 entirely different military forces xD.

true…I'll use the new ones then, since you did like them and all. XD

ones a veteran medic so…possible connection with Fabi the medic? XD

maybe the one that made her able to qualify to be a combat medic? Good doctor or not Stonewall don't play around when if comes to combat medics

all depends on what TJ thoughts about it.

so…pretty much a restart from post one right?

yeah we are starting from scratch

welp, time for that umm…big "fight" in the beginning then. XD


ones a veteran medic so…possible connection with Fabi the medic? XD

Yeah! He could be like a former classmate or something or he was an instructor for her and taught her eveything

More like the latter as hes in his 50s. XD

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