It's time to post the second 10th Anniversary Contest. Again, there is a cash prize of $30 CAD, made payable through paypal or e-transfer.

Contest #2 – Art contest
This as well is pretty simple. The best art piece celebrating our 10 years online will win (with the attempt to put it on our home page providing the admins computer skills).
Rule A – Keep it PG
Rule B – For new and old members alike
Rule C – Can be digital, hand drawn, or even a macaroni piece. Any and all art forms accepted.
Rule D – the runtime for this contest will be for 2 months, starting March 1 and ending April 30

  • Note - there is only a month left of the recruitment contest

so the art just has to be related to the site lasting 10 years?

I could try it…if I had skill, talent, and experience in drawing. Which I don't.

love drawing and contests, but cant post my drawings on the contest, poopy. 😛

no. im on a bad mobile device.

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