If you are not going to põst for a while

… But You would still be there?!


… But You would still be there?!


Sorry about being idle. Had a family emergancy. Will post when i can

Oh, I hope whatever it is got better now 🙂

Yeah! ^-^ hand you ice cream

Ill be able to reply to pillars post and The City by tomorrow

Coyote, do you want me to post first or are you going to? I ask because I don't yet have a post ready.

Sorry xD i havnt had a chance to read the last post yet.

Im house sitting for people, helping others move, and had to pull a couple of 8 hour shifts this week end.

My weekend however starts today, after work. Ill get to it today (ducks for cover from life throwing him something each time he says that)

Yay! Im back! As back as I usually am anyway

Welcome back Coyote! n________n

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