"So that's what's got the Friar's apron tied in a knot," said Bomboar. "We can figger something up on what to do fer the Abbot's birthday if we puts our head together." He thought for a moment. "Let's go to the pond. I have an ideer that will be somethin' good. And we can have fun splashin' around to boot."

Devro shrugged at Arries' comment. "If the Abbeybeasts each gave Abbot Caleb a gift, he wouldn't have room for them all. I think you're fine, Arries."
    Then something resonated in Bomboar's words. "Yeah, I guess… we could all work together to make him something nice. A gift from all of us."

Arries brightened right up.
"Yes, a joint gift! What an amazing idea! Now the Abbot won't be burdened by too many gifts!"
She ruffled Alan's fur and followed Bomboar out towards the Abbey pond.

Alan flattened his headfur once again and stared skeptically after the dashing squirrelmaid. “Why does she keep doing that?”

He didn’t bother much with the issue, as Bomboar followed Devro and Arries to the Abbey pond. Alan clambered down Bomboar’s shoulder and tunic, landing lightly on the ground.  Extending two left-paw fingers, he waved his right paw around in a circle, as if pretending to stir the water to locate fish. The squirrel child laughed, looking round at the others with a simple smile.

“So, what fish should we catch? There’s so much variety in this one pond alone! Any preferences? Make a vote?”

Catching up to Arries, Alan found a pair of fishing poles in a large box; he hugged the older squirrelmaid’s legs.

“Come on, Arries, join me in the boat! You and me together, I’ll grab the fishing poles!” Then the kid looked into Arries’ eyes curiously.  “But can I ask first, why do you mess with my headfur so much? Do you like me in some way, Arries? I hope it’s an ‘okay’ way!”

Bomboar tossed off what he was wearing and leaped into the pond. Boats were fine, but he wanted to go down deep. He knew what he was after. The Big One! A grayling he knew was down there that many tried to catch but never succeeded.

There was silence, then a great splashing. Up and down and round and round, Bomboar was wrestling with the great fish. He gasped and then said "What'cha doin' starin' at me? Come on, I need help with this 'un." SPLASH! He went down, then up again, his arms around the fish. It was the biggest wrestling match ever seen. The fish was as big as he was, maybe bigger.

"Hey, ladies!" said a random ottermaid, "Bomboar's  shirtless and pantsless in the pond trying to catch The Big One! Let's help him out and  win his heart!" The others just giggled.

Arries looked down at the smaller squirrel.
"Oh,  well, um, I don't like boating, but we can still fish!"
She took one of the poles and headed for the edge of the pond. @Tinarandel:

“But can I ask first, why do you mess with my headfur so much? Do you like me in some way, Arries? I hope it’s an ‘okay’ way!”

Arries looked down at the squirrel in shock, then smilek
"Oh, I'm sorry, it's just that I can't believe how much you have grown, and when I do that, it reminds me that you still have many more years ahead. And that you're still younger than me."
Then she frowned, "I can stop if you feel uncomfortable about it, and I do like you, but just as friends."

Then she saw Bomboar wrestling with the biggest fish she had ever seen.
"How do we help?" She asked Alan.

Devro back away from the wrestling otter and fish, hopping anxiously as he watched. He was completely floored by how large the fish was.
    "Hit it over the head with something! You'll get tired before he does!"
    As he spoke, the fish and the otter rolled closer. Devro kicked at the grayling, but got Bomboar in the side instead, then slipped in the fresh mud and landed on his back with a splat!

ooc- Devro needs to experience some everyday trouble that his friends aren't able to shield him from. Right now, his life looks pretty awesome. There needs to be something that all the characters struggle with to such a point that they can't fix it with a handshake and kind words. Ideally, the conflict would come from youngbeasts who have good intentions, but bad methods. I.E. getting his to steal a pie to be 'more like us' or Elders holding him to unreasonable standards because he is constantly under a magnifying glass.

Bomboar was fighting the big grayling, trying to wrestle it to shore. He heard Devro shouting and then kicked him in the side. "OOF!" he screamed but held on to the fish for dear life. He was near the shore now and he rolled and rolled in the mud until he came to a large rock. That was what he needed to land the fish. WHAM! He slammed the grayling on the rock, but in so doing he hit his own noggin on it. He and the fish were laying side by side, both out like a light until somebody would help him. But the fish was caught.

ooc: Sorry we ran away with the story in your absence. We'll get back to Devro, who is the main thrust of the story.

Arries went to where the fish and otter lay.
"I'll get the fish. Someone help Bomboar!"
She quickly grabbed the fish and started pulling it more away from the pond. When it was far enough away, she started to help revive Bomboar.

ooc- Lol, nobody did anything wrong. I'm just giving that "Turn left in one mile" sort of instruction.

The four otter ladies who were Bomboar's fan club came up to help their idol. One brought his cast-aside clothes and dropped them on him as they picked him up. "OOF, he's heavy," said one of them. "Can't help it, he's pure muscle, so strong, he wrestled that big grayling out of the water." "We'll take him to the infirmary, the others are helping with the fish and will take it to the Friar. It's going to be a great feast." They trotted off, carrying Bomboar. He woke up, still woozy. "Mmmmm…I die an' go to heaven or somethin'?" looking at the ladies carrying him. They giggled at that remark. "You'll be all right, sweetie, we're taking you to the infirmary where they'll fix you up." "The Sister there is gonna yell at me, but she likes that." said Bomboar.

"Hush, now." said another. "We'll get you fixed up. Just look at that sleek pelt he's got." They all oohed and ahhed as they carried him away.

Soon, they had him at the infirmary. "What trouble has this otter gotten himself into now?" said the Sister in charge. "Been wrasslin' with the big grayling in the pond, just caught him when I bunged my head on a rock." said Bomboar in a dreamy voice. "Well, I never!" They got to work fixing him up.

Arries was quickly pushed out of the way by the maidens. She unleashed a giggle as she saw the otters fawning over Bomboar.
"Well, Bomboar's in capable paws, what will we do with the fish?" She asked Devro and Alan.

OOC: later on, can I use a vermin lord, who will attack redwall? That should shape Devros chara up a bit! 😉

Everything happened in a blur before Alan’s eyes: twice the speed of sound and thrice the speed of light.

He only had a few seconds to respond to Arries’ statements. “No, I’m OK with you treating me like a kid. I don’t plan to grow up anytime soon!” He laughed cutely, paws on his hips like the innocent proud child he was. “You and I are friends forever, Arries, until the end of time!”

A large splash of water interrupted his compliments and musings, washing over and soaking him to the bone, and staining his Abbey habit. Bombar had dove into the pond, completely bare of his clothes. Alan shielded his eyes from the numerous splashes of Bomboar wrestling the Big One Grayling. Despite desperately wanting to help, a naked otter was not something which Alan felt comfortable looking upon.

His ears then harnessed the following sounds: the ottermaids giggling about Bomboar catching the grayling without any coverings whatsoever, Bomboar asking for help moving it out of the water, and Devro accidentally kicking him in the side. Splat! Devro had fallen into the mud. “OOF!” Bomboar felt the blow from Devro and came upon a rock, which he used to smash the grayling, but also hit himself in the process. Arries dragged the catch to the pond shore and helped to revive the temporarily unconscious Bomboar. After hearing the ottermaids carry Bomboar away to the Infirmary (dreamy and flirtatious, undoubtedly), Alan finally deemed the situation safe to open his eyes.

“Crud! Thank Martin I didn’t get stuck in the middle of that!”

Bracing himself, Alan waded waist-deep into the pond in his habit. Taking a deep breath into his lungs, the squirrel child pushed underwater, finding the fallen Devro. He grabbed the stoat by the ankles and pulled upwards, moving back towards the surface. Once his head had poked out of the water, Alan clambered behind Devro and pushed him by the back while also calling out to anybeast nearby that could save him.

“Help! Devro got trapped in the mud! Somebeast get him out of the water, please! He needs some revival…and maybe a bath, too!”

Alan dragged the stoat as far away as his body was capable, and clambered back onto solid ground, coughing out water from his lungs and hugging his frail figure frightfully. From this entire negative experience, the traumatic memories of his coming to Redwall sprang up unwanted in his mind. Frozen in that cruel unforgiving winter, in some 3 or 4 feet of snow in chilled and extremely thin clothes. A long stream of burning hot tears from his eyes mixed with the icy water on his face. Devoid of any conscious attempt to stop himself, Alan stuffed himself into his robe and began to cry uncontrollably. Not wanting anybeast to see him, he crept away into a gathering of numerous rosebushes, where he could release his emotions in perfect privacy.

OOC: And he NEEDS his privacy.

Arries' head jerked as she heard Alan's cry. She dived in, and quickly grasped Devro's paw. She tugged and tugged, her lungs about to burst, when he came free. She hurriedly swam up, carrying Devro, and burst from the pond. She pulled him onto firm land. She checked his heart beat, which was steady, and started to haul him to the Infirmary.
If only Bomboar was here, she thought, he is better at carrying things.
(OOC: can I add another character?)

OOC: Don't forget the fish.

OOC:isn't Devro more important? I would like to add Birchrose, as a badgermum. She could easily take care of Devro.

Bomboar came back after being treated in the infirmary. His head was bandaged, and it made his female cohorts admire him all the more. He saw them trying to haul Devro to the infirmary and lent a paw. In his other arm he carried the grayling he had caught. The Friar would like that. "Let's go in," he said.

OOC: Please do add Birchrose as a badgermum. She would be a great adddition.

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