The Lost DeSota Treasure (OOC)

Just putting this here so we can discuss things again. Where has everyone gone?

Im here 🙂
I waiting on others to post…

...unless its my turn...then I deeply appologize D8

In all honesty Ive been struggling to get back into the swing of things. I got hit with some dental / car problems over december, and dealing with some work issues x.x

No problem! Things happen. I can totally understand if you can't post for a time.

I think it might be your turn to post, when you get a chance.

Hmmmm, technically I posted right before you but… The party is split so Yeah, I can post again x.x

I might toss in a time gap for the villains if that is ok .w.

Yeah, that sounds fine.

sorry I vanished for a bit I was doing other stuff


Hi rodo. :3


I made a topic in Nation rp, you might like it. :3

I posted on time for once! Let there be celebration!

The guy who made my last profile pic gifted me with another o.o

Should I post next, or does someone else need to go?

And I'll let you determine where the. Next clue is hidden in the Abby. 🙂

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