Just thought that I'd ask about this: who here can come up with a matchup that's Redwall-related and would put the fight at a stalemate? You can use your own characters or those of the Redwall Universe.

Mine: Jess Squirrel and Rakkety Tam.  😮

I am not sure

but I wanna see Anghan vs. Lt. Petrov duke it out in very manly fight

I can already see the Armstrong meme in this. XD

Unknow sorry if this is weird But I love some of the things you say

Also he is a good battle Xaio vs. Annette Round 2

Red Devil v Widowmaker

I'm just shocked it works sometimes. XD

And lol, Round 2 of the Snipers. XD

Indeed. I agree to both of those, Rodo.

I've got one: Citrine on Kilkrag, or on Janner . . .

I think a Citrine and Jared fight would be rather entertaining. Maybe Fabiana and Rian could work, too.

Oooohhh boy. That would be an interesting fight . . . both of them, actually.

Rodo, I agree that Anghan and the Petrov dude would be interesting. Or Jared and Anghan, since both have heightened senses.

Well Anghan guess what?

You WILL be fighting Petrov eventually. At least I will try to make it happen

Okay . . . will it be a fair fight?

depends how they run into each other

Hm . . .

Another one: Anghan and Urgan Nagru.

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