Soldier rolled a 4, 5, and two 6's for a total of 6 success. For any who were currious.

I will get to other plots soon ish :3

I'm scurred of my characters stats now. o.o

Yep, and most people have 5 or 6 dice to roll man 😧

I actually practiced this system offline on my own, having a battle between 2 of my alts, it worked pretty well until I realized that if it were a regular rp the battle would have taken several dozen turns x.x

So I think I will just have us roll for X thing, aiming for X number of success. If you fail you take damage of some sort xD

But thats later :3 players have 1 more post before dragoons bust the door in :3

again off topic but you know that murder case isn't going to solve itself

XD I think i should have a post up this aftetnoon. Work has been sapping my willpower lately. There is an inspection coming x.x



Seeing if peeps be available to continue :3

sorry, been a bit busy lately. XD

I want to roll for charm since I technically am causing a distraction by pretending to be a foreigner who doesn't speak the language. (granted he is foreign)

Lol! Ok xD it would be wit actually that you roll. Charm is like an hp bar for bamboozeling people. Yes, I realize now its all overly complicated but thats what testing is for xD

Rodo rolls wits + innocence skill for his pine marten I assume :3

he rolls a 6, 1, 4, 1 for 3 successes and is sufficiently distracting to the npcs around him on his next post 🙂

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