Hey, Anghan! Could you try to do Coriander? I would like it if she was positioned with Lucia. You would know what I am talking about because you are familiar with my charas. Any setting is fine. 🙂

Description required. 😉

Coriander is a tall reddish-brown squirrel and Lucia is a small grayish hedgehog. Does that fit the bill?

Er . . . Hedgehogs are me weakness, Jeri.

Could you either just try or could you only do Coriander?

Well, no duh, I'll do just Coriander. 😉

K thanks! BTW how many posts do you have to get to be a warrior member??? I forget.

Uh . . . I don't know. It doesn't really matter here.

Jeri, I finished your piece. I'll show you later.

I'm taking requests again. Just so that you guys know.

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